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Apple Fennel Sausage


Day 3 of apple week is my favorite so far! I have been wanting to make sausages for ages! I make loose sausage all the time, but after having some of the best sausage of my life from Marlow and Daughters in Brooklyn a few weeks back, I decided it was time for me to finally case some sausages. So what that I don't have a meat grinder or sausage stuffer? This was originally going to be a duck sausage, but I had trouble procuring duck here in western MA. In fact, I couldn't even find sausage casing! After hitting a few stores and having flashbacks of searching for ingredients in Bermuda, I found a place. The problem was they only sold it in 2.5 lb increments for 35 bucks! Couple stores later and I was able to buy an ounce of the stuff for 50 cents.

Apple and fennel are the stars of this sausage.

You need a decent fat content in sausages, so I added some bacon to the food processor first. I wanted to make sure the bacon was very ground.

The other meat, I wanted to be much larger chunks. This is pork, and later I did some turkey.

I first diced the apples and fennel, then i gave them a few pulses in the processor. There is also garlic in here.

Yum. This was starting to smell like amazing sausage.

The elusive natural sausage casing. Kinda gross looking huh?

My first try was a funnel. This didn't work so well.

Attempt 2 was a pastry piping bag. This worked very well! You need to squeeze as much of the casing onto the piping bag so as you squeeze out, the sausage forms.

Sorry this video is kinda poor looking, I don't have flash installed yet on my new computer!

Some of the sausages broke while i was making them.

Lots of sausage! I froze half of these.

I kept the ones for today long, but made normal sized ones for the freezer.

My mom made this mozzarella salad for us to eat with the sausage.

We also had some grilled veg.

This sausage was really tasty! I think i will be experimenting with more flavors soon now that I know it isn't that hard. Gareth is probably going to be pissed that I learned this just after I left Bermuda! But I doubt I could have gotten the casings there anyway.

2 lb boneless pork ribs
1 lb turkey
5 slices bacon
4 apples cored and diced
1 fennel bulb cored and diced
5 cloves garlic
tablespoon coriander
2 teaspoons fresh rosemary diced
1 teaspoon ground sage


My mind is in the gutter... that is all I will say about this post...

Mmm this was my lunch & cider to drink. What a great combo. Great Job Dan, you made it look easy!

Time to get out my sausage machine soon : )

Your just missing the Mash...

Have you tried Pekarski Sausage in South Deerfield? They may sell you some casing for your next batch and the smoked meats they lovingly sell made my grad school experience at UMass better than it would have been otherwise :) Love the info here keep it up!

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