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Goodbye Bermuda


I've been thinking about this post for a long time. What would I write? What words could I possibly use to describe how I feel right now? Today is my last full day in Bermuda. My phone has been off for a week. Cable, internet, furniture, all gone. Even my nice laptop with all my photo editing software was taken back by my job. I am writing this post in a notebook poolside at one of the popular hotels here. I guess that's how people used to blog before computers? Tomorrow when you read this, I will already be gone.

Bermuda has been an awesome experience. If I had not moved here, my food hobby would not have evolved to what it has become. This website would not exist. But sadly, the reasons that led me to my passion for cooking are some of the same reasons that we are leaving. Too much free time, lack of certain modern conveniences and food options. Pretty much I just miss city life! That's not to say that I didn't love my time here. I loved every minute of it! My job, friends, the beaches, the culture. I have met people from all over the world! I know people from Sri Lanka, South Africa, Philippines, Scotland, Ireland, England, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Japan, Azores, Malaysia, Haiti, Australia, and Canada. Just from the US I have met people from Virginia, Chicago, Phoenix, Florida, California, Texas, NJ, and of course Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Needless to say, I now have plenty of places to stay on future vacations! I have made friends for life.

So what about the site? The site will keep going. The way I look at things, the site has already been through about 5 phases. The first few months of learning how to blog, hitting a stride, the new apartment, starting to actually get some traffic, and finally the new layout. So really I would just consider this the 6th phase. My plan for the next few months involves enjoying August while catching up with friends. Most of my time will be spent between Boston and New York. Where will I end up? It depends on who's hiring! Mandi has a different plan. She is headed to LA and continuing in public accounting. It is a sad time for us because we have been together for a long time, but at the same time it is very exciting. We have been together for so long that I am not sure if I know who I am without her and I am ready to find out.

With all this happening, it is a little much to keep up with! So I am going to be taking at least a week off from the site. In internet time, this is like a decade, so don't forget about me guys! But for now, I have to go; the waiter is here with my 5th margarita so see you all in a week!


We'll miss you, but luckily I found this site rather recently and have a lot of archives to dig through. Enjoy the continuation of your journey.

I'm excited to have you home!!!

I love that you left Springfield out of this post. Ha.

We are excited to have you back!

Don't be a stranger Mandi! Good luck in Cali!

I'm feeling so sad for you two....
You are so very lucky to have had the experiences in Bermuda & I'm sure you will miss it. I wish you two the best of luck back in the states & will be thinking of you.

I really, really enjoy this site! I am looking forward to pahse 6. Wish you and Mandi both great success in whatever you do! Keep on cooking for us!!

word. party in CinciNASTY

I am so excited you guys will be back in the states! Even though Mandi will be on the other side of the country...

I am sure the next phase of the blog will be just as great as the last 5 :)

Mandi - please come visit Boston soon!

Good luck with your moves.

See you both SOON! :)

Welcome home. I can't wait to read more of your great posts. You're the only blog I read on a regular basis. Thanks for all the fine posts.

I recently tuned into your blog. I really enjoy it. I hope you enjoy your time off, and I look forward to when you come back.

Dan/Mandi - Thanks for all your work on this blog. Through your photos I can tell there is a ton of teamwork involved and am sad to hear you won't be cooking together.

Best of luck in your endeavors, I look forward to future posts. If you're ever in the dirty dirty ATL, hit me up. We'll go tear up some Varasano's, which by the way, is really hitting its stride.

Thanks so much for this blog.

I've rediscovered my love for cooking because of you guys and I'm so grateful for all you both have taught me. I cook all the time now with all of my crazy spices and techniques!

Good luck with everything you guys do.


Wow, I knew this day was coming, but it's still bittersweet. I hope you're able to continue this blog, it's been such an inspiration for both my cooking and writing.

Goodluck to both of you. This is my favorite blog ever so im glad you ain't closing down! Both of you are so brave. I know this is not the end but at nights when i have been down this blog has really cheered me up. Look forward to future posts and i wish you guys all the smiles in the world.

I don't even know you guys but have spent many days pouring through the many recipes on your site. I honeymooned in Bermuda (loved it), currently live in MA and work in Boston, and love to cook. Your site has been inspiring to me. I feel like I know you guys. That's too bad about your relationship but I hope that you continue your site and make the most of this new chapter in each of your lives. Best of luck to you both!

Dan - Really sorry to see you go but really happy for you at the same time. You and Mandi are going to have some great experiences as you branch out from Bermuda.......but don't forget to come back to visit. I know you are going to do well in the food industry no matter what you do because you are an awesome chef and have really great ideas about food. I'll keep check the blog for updates. Meanwhile, enjoy reaquainting yourself with "the real world" and your family.

Good luck to you both!

wow, big adjustments all around. my heart goes out to you both. so many big changes- i wish you both the best. your site is awesome- i check it daily. i love your pics- and that yall are so innovative. i especially love your chicken parm- best. food. ever.

best of luck. can't wait till you're up and running again.

I discovered your blog through Macheesmo, and your first food battle, which I thought you won, hands down. Then I started reading regularly, and went through the archives, where the pictures of your grandmother's hands making the tortellini actually brought tears to my eyes, it was such a beautiful sight. Things like that are never photographed enough, and that photo embodied one of the true joys of all our lives, spending time with special family members.
All the pictures of the different hands making food delighted me, as well as the pix of your tile countertops and garden stuff, and the labelled plates of ingredients, all different from any other food blog I have seen.
So, I have enjoyed the photography, as much as the funny and insightful posts, and the great recipes. I am sure I would have Never tried any curry recipe without you, and the Kashmiri chicken was awesome and a fun experience for me.
Thank You for taking the time to post, through your busy life. Even if you never write another word here, you have touched a lot of lives and spread a lot of inspiration around.

Hey guys just wanted to say Christina said it all so very perfectly! It really shows on your blog how much love you both have for cooking, with family & friends involved too! on the web and in person (we were very lucky to see this a few weeks ago) you both never cease to amaze us!!!! I will miss visiting you in Bermy but look forward to your adventures in the states. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes, pics & funny copy to go along with them.... you will go far I know it!!!!!

I'm still mad at you for leaving me. It's taken me two weeks to write a comment. I can't believe I'm here 'living the dream' on my own now! I guess it's time for me to get skinny. No more arm twisting with pork belly mac 'n cheese or pizza throw downs.

You know its funny that looks like my cup and patio table there! I miss you both and remember reading this the day you left and Kyle and I both got pretty upset!!! Now I went and read it again still the same effect buddy! We are moving to the NYC in 2 weeks so hit me up I would love t see ya!!!

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful experiences with people around the world.

I myself is planning to stay in Bermuda. I am looking through your blog but couldn't find article related to apartments or where to stay. If you do have time, can you provide me some hints of where to stay and not to stay in general in Bermuda? I am Asian. It seems you had a bit of difficult time accessing to Asian food in Bermuda. Any hints you can pass on would be truly appreciated.


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