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Buffalo Turkey Burgers


Inspiration comes at weird times. Mandi's sister was coming down for the weekend and all week I was trying to think of something I could cook that would be tasty and fairly easy, but still something new I could put on the website. I sort of gave up and just got some ground beef and hot dogs for a bbq we were attending Friday night. On my scooter ride home at lunch to meet Angela and Jason after their flight, I was remembering a conversation with Angela about how much she loves buffalo chicken. I realized I would make buffalo burgers that night! I ran home and threw everything I had already gotten into the freezer and went out and bought some ground turkey. I quickly realized that the butter in buffalo sauce would be perfect for the turkey burgers because the additional fat would prevent them from drying out on the grill!

Butter and cayenne sauce to make the buffalo.

I think this looks like a Van Gogh. Let's call it "Spicy Night"

The ground turkey goes in with some salt and pepper.

Stick these in the fridge for at least an hour before cooking. This will help the butter harden and the burgers have more integrity on the grill so they aren't sloppy. I was traveling with them, so I put them into the freezer for an hour.

We didn't have wax paper around so I used plates. When it was time to leave, I just cut the plates to stack the burgers 2 by 2 in zip lock bags.

Nice and cold and ready to go.

MJ was on the grill when we got there but I had to kick her off to make room for my burgers

Mandi's sister Angela, Mandi, and Amy enjoying the party.

I had Mandi help me split some buns.  She looks guilty, I think she jsut ate some bread. 

Remember that whole thing I said about burger integrity? Yea these were pretty fragile on the grill. In perfect conditions where I took them right out of the fridge onto a greased super hot charcoal grill, things may have been a little different.

There burgers are super forgiving on the grill. Because of all that butter, there is a decent window of time between done and dried out.

Blue Cheese dressing on the bun with celery.


Verdict: Needed more kick! The buffalo flavor was too subtle. Here is a modified recipe that I think will help:

1 stick butter
1 bottle cayenne sauce (franks will do best)
1 tsp cayenne powder
1 tsp chile powder
1 tsp honey
1tsp tobasco
2 lbs ground turkey

Makes 6 thin but large-radius burgers. Mix everything into a bowl. Add the turkey after the other ingredients are mixed really well. Save 2 tablespoons of the cayenne sauce (or open a new bottle) and mix with 1 cup of blue cheese and half cup of celery for the topping.

Put burgers in the fridge for an hour before cooking. From fridge, go strait to very hot grill. Make sure burgers are fully cooked inside before serving.


I've had ranch burgers before, but never buffalo! I think a combo of the two would be delicious...mmmmm. Burgers.

Looks like a great experiment. I don't know if this would help with the turkey burgers, but when I make buffalo chicken wings I kick up the traditional sauce recipe with sriracha (rooster sauce). I wouldn't leave out any cayenne sauce from the recipe, I'd just add a healthy dash of rooster sauce and mix it in. Seriously does wonders for my wings.

Hahahaha 'Spicy night'!!! Still haven't had buffalo wings either :( Sometimes i also forget the turkey is available from the supermarket, for some reason i always 'ignore' that it's there. I must be more 'aware' i think :)

This reminds me of another favorite recipe..
I think it originated from weight watchers, but we have modified it over the years..
chicken feta burgers
1 lb Ground chicken mixed with 12 oz. feta cheese
add worcestshire sauce and season as desired.
After grilled, sometimes I use bbq sauce and sometimes we top with avacado.

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