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Smoked Short Ribs


After smoking that Boston butt a few weeks back, I have been excited to try my hand at smoked meats again. I got the chance this past weekend when my sister was here visiting. We smoked one of my all time favorite cuts of meat, the short rib. I wasn't sure how the ribs would take on the smoke flavor, cause marinating beef usually doesn't add much to the flavor compared to pork or chicken marinades. I thought the same concept would hold through to the smoke. Boy was I wrong. The smoke penetrated the ribs beautifully and the flavor was amazing. I wish we had all short ribs!  But unfortunately the store only had a few and I had to volumeize with a bone-in pork loin.

The meats are rubbed and ready for the grill. Rub recipe down below.

I used more coal this time because I was looking for a temp between 300 and 325 compared to last time of 250. Here you can see the damp wood chips starting to create smoke.

Dressing for the slaw. Coleslaw generally gives crunch to a pulled pork sandwich. In this case we made an Asian version that we made for fish burgers in the past. You can see the recipe in the tuna burger post.

The ribs came off the grill first when they were super tender and amazing.

The pork came off a half hour later. This was pretty tender, too. Look I shoved my tongs right into it!

Still, I would suggest making this with all short ribs cause they were the MVP of this meal.

We mixed in some bbq sauce left over from this post.

This sandwich was awesome! We ended up eating around 11:30 cause we were only expecting short ribs, but with the addition of the loin on the grill, things took a bit longer. But it was worth the wait!

This post is to be continued tomorrow when I can talk to you guys about that awesome potato thing on the plate next to the sandwich!

½ cup sugar
½ cup salt
2 tablespoons cumin
2 tablespoons chile powder
2 tablespoons pepper
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon coriander

Rub short ribs and let them sit room temp for an hour. Smoke at 300 for 2 and a half hours until fork tender. Shred and add a small amount of homemade bbq sauce. Serve on bun with slaw. More info on smoking here, and here... and here.


Thank you for that, I am so hungry just looking at that!

I have always smoked meat in a propane setup, but now I have the opportunity to try a briquette setup, as I have just converted my old BBQ into a charcoal one.

What kind of wood chips did you use for smoking? The potatoes look like dauphinoise as well, nice job.

I have been experimenting lately with char siu pork ribs. I wonder how they would be like tea smoked? Thank you for inspiring me as always!

Nice man. God I need a smoker/grill/SOMETHING so bad.

Reading posts like this kills me with desire to grill.

Good lord! That all looks beyond delicious! My brother has a "Big Green Egg" and does pork butts all the time. I'll have to tell him about those short ribs you did. He definitely needs to try those!
Love your site.

I love it when rubs contain sugar! And then to find out the meat will be BBQ'd! There's just something -so right- when sugar and BBQ are together.

did you wrap the ribs in foil or exposed on the grill?

This is a good information for smoking and cigarette industries. How do you do your researches?

Thanks for sharing this blog. From the first glance, I cracked. The barbecue, it is always a pleasure to y snack. It looks very good that you have prepared there. One has just to acquire a BBQ for our garden and what you posted really inspires me. I'll tried these recipes to please my family.

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