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More BBQ Chicken - Wrap and Quesadilla


I have been trying to save money lately (who isn't?) and my lavish 30 ingredient meals aren't really helping. One way we are trying, is bringing in lunch to work every day. Mandi and I usually go out to lunch and that is a huge expense especially in Bermuda. The way we plan lunches now, is when we are cooking a meal early in the week, we make a ton extra of one of the ingredients, then mix it into other meals. We have always used leftovers in creative and delicious ways, but they usually aren't seen on the website. I have decided to show more of these preparations because 1, I am making them anyway, why not take pictures, 2 they are delicious, 3 you guys get more posts to look at with less money spent on my part, 4 because maybe it will help others with neat money saving leftover ideas, and 5 because Mandi hates even numbers. Shown here is a dinner we made with leftovers from the night before, and a lunch we packed that I can't wait to rip into in a few hours!

It poured out all last night. It was nice because it hasn't rained much here in awhile. This is what is called "setting the scene."

First we made our lunch for today. Some of the chicken from yesterday and cheddar cheese.

Corn, red onions, and a little cilantro.

Tomato and lettuce.

Wow! I really can't wait to eat this! Mandi truly is the sandwich and wrap master.

We packed up a little of the leftover BBQ sauce (again from yesterday) to dip the wraps in. You may remember these containers from the jello shot post. Mandi always has some lying around in case of a jello emergency. The guy at the food service supply shop where they sell these actually calls her jello shot girl.

On to the quesadilla. Same deal here, plus a bunch of jalapenos. But no lettuce and tomato.

The quesadilla flip is an art. If you don't have it down, the fillings will go everywhere.

So tasty! We served it with some guac and this salsa we had leftover from making it this weekend. Remember to check out the recipe for the BBQ sauce and chicken.


more cheese please.

i accept that blame sir. but it's not my fault, it's an addiction.

i make up for it by being the sandwich master!

I think Mandi's sandwich wrapping skillz should also be in animated form. I can't wrap a wrap--especially one with that much yumminess inside--to save my life.

I cannot make these at all. Wraps are just a disaster for me! Everything just ends up all over the place or is too much on the tight side. I just can't get it right.

I am about to make these now. We had the same idea of making extra so that it would not take so long for dinner during the week since we both work. My mouth is watering just from your pictures.

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