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Fish Tacos


I made a fancier version of this a while back, but today's meal is more home style. This is great for a hot summer night. It was quick on a weeknight, and fairly healthy. If you grilled the fish, It would be healthier, just leave the flour out of the rub mixture. I ate this the other night cause my friend was IMing me about what to eat for dinner. She was sort of saying "I guess it will be baked haddock again..." I sent over this idea to her, and my mouth started watering. I had to make it myself too!

I like mango salsa with fish tacos. We put radish in to give the tacos some crunch.

Lots of lime zest for the fish rub/crust.

Like I said earlier, If you want to grill this leave out the flour.

A shallow fry, about 3 or 4 minutes a side. I used Wahoo, a fish you often see me cooking with that is common in Bermuda. You could use any white, light, flakey fish.

This cooking method gave the fish a nice blackened crust.

Don't be afraid of cilantro stems. They are actually really tasty!

No exact directions today. The guac is here, the mango salsa was 2 mangos, 8 or so radishes, a half bunch of cilantro, ΒΌ of a large red onion, (rinse after you chop to take the edge off), lime juice, salt, pepper, and a little bit of chipotle. Look above to see the fish rub. If you are grilling, leave out the flour.


I've never bought mango's before. Lemme tell ya, I got one that was WAY ripe and it was a b!tch to dice up!

Definitely going to try the blackened crust next time.

MMMM Guac.

Never had fish tacos in my life! Actually i've never had one from a take-away or restaraunt. Really, i don't know how one should really taste lol. I've made some home made one's but don't really know if they are the real deal, they taste awesome but :)

hmmmmmmmmmm yummy... looks like delicious..

dormire a parigi

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