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Work Lunch Sushi


One of my coworkers got me a sushi kit for Christmas. I was surprised, because I hadn't thought to get anyone at work anything! It was a very thoughtful gift as well because she knew how much I love to cook and eat. I decided bringing sushi into work would be a nice return gift for her and for everyone. Since that day, they have been asking for more! This time I had everyone bring in a little cash, and I brought in the lunchtime sushi rolls. I call them lunchtime sushi for a few reasons. One is that we obviously eat them at lunch, but the second reason has to do with what is in them. When I first made the rolls for everyone, I had a few obstacles to figure out. For one, some of my coworkers were just getting into the sushi world, and still unsure about raw fish. Second, I would have to make the rolls the night before and serve them at lunch the next day. This caused me to start looking for other options for fillings that would stay fresh better overnight. I got inspiration from lunchtime sandwiches, and that's where I came up with these rolls. I won't really be talking about the sushi rice and rolling process, for that information, you can check this old post, or Alton Browns sushi rice recipe.

Toasting up some breadcrumbs. These can add a nice crunch and are a shortcut for tempura flakes. I would never use these in real sushi, but they work on these lunch rolls.

Some chicken cooking. I marinade this in lemon, olive oil, oregano, and garlic for a Greek lemon chicken roll.

Some chicken I shredded up with BBQ sauce.

BBQ chicken roll.

Again, you can click to check out the rolling and rice info.

Tunafish roll with carrots, celery, and mayo.

BLT roll. Yes, bacon in sushi.

Provalone and salami. This was the only one I didn't love. It sure got eaten though!

I like to do a California roll with shrimp instead of fake crab.

Here is the lemon chicken with olives. I made tatziki to dip it in.

Turkey club roll.

Transporting food is not easy in Bermuda.

I used an oven rack to keep the trays separate.

Sushi delivery! Off to work.

Trying to be fancy with the plating.

I mixed the breadcrumbs with siracha and mayo and topped the BBQ chicken with it.

Mike and Bill, do you wish I still worked with you guys? It still doesn't beat Mike's famous cheese fry salad.

The orange thing in the back is special sauce of mayo, siracha, and sesame oil. Then there is the tatziki, wasabi, and soy sauce.

I made a key so people would know what was what.  Beautiful handwriting!!!  Look what computers have done to us kids!

Jeanann and Laura lining up.

Decisions decisions.


yay you got my requested vespa picture! :)

i think i could be down for that sushi...

I love these, awesome idea. Though I think the Japanese might not agree :)

As a partaker of both sushi lunches I give a huge THANK YOU!!!!! Dan, you're awesome. A perfect example of what a co-worker should be. LOL! You know I bragged about it to all of my friends and had a picture up on my Facebook profile. :-)

When are you starting your restaurant or catering service???

Wow. Your sushi looks great. My favorites would have to be the tuna fish one and the california roll. I will have to try making sushi that way sometime. It was cool to see you dressed up for a change :)

Nice fusion sushi!!

Cuke...oh it never eases to make me giggle. Id eat all of the lemon chicken & olive aaannnd the tuna fish one. I reckon a nice combination would we shredded pear, shrimp & chilli mayo mmmmmmmm.

Dude, awesome! Great idea. I like the map of what's what as well. Although, as a scooter driver myself, that was fun to see. I feel your food transport woes.

I think even my husband would eat these, they look so delicious.

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