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Penne with Shrimp and Arugula


There is a restaurant here in Bermuda that I love to hate. I don't know why I hate them so much. I still go for lunch fairly often, and they have really good pizza for Bermuda standards. This is the one great meal they have that isn't pizza.

Look at this beautiful arugula plant.

We grabbed some greens as well because this pasta goes best with a salad. We like to have more than 10 limes at all times in case of lime emergency.

Just some onions, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

Add garlic, 1 minute, then tomato paste, and cook for 3 more minutes.

It is much safer to pour the vodka into a cup, and then into the pan so you don't have a sudden flare-up. I on the other hand, don't follow the rules. That's what makes me cool.

After the vodka cooks off, add a crapload of cream.

Some parsley, or oregano if you have it, and just keep adding that cream.

In with the arugula.

As always on this website, the pasta goes straight from the boiling water into the pan with the sauce. You should use raw shrimp, but there wasn't any nice fresh ones, so we got cooked. If it is raw, just add it with the arugula, 2 minutes before the pasta. Some butter is nice at this stage as well.

Yum. Mandi added parm to her plate, but didn't on mine because I don't like it with fish.

Served with a salad, and garlic bread to cancel out the salad.

Penne with shrimp and arugula.
¼ onion
Salt, pepper, pepper flakes
4 oz tomato paste
½ cup or so of vodka
1 ½ cups of cream
Few tablespoons FRESH herbs like oregano or parsley (optional)
A few big handfuls of arugula.
More salt
tablespoon or 2 of butter

Place ingredients in pan in order shown above, with a minute or 2 between each addition. Have water boiling before you start. Drop the penne right after you put the onions in. Add the penne directly to the pan after the rest of the ingredients. If raw shrimp, let it cook a minute or 2 on its own, if cooked shrimp, shut off the heat as you put them in along with the pasta and butter.


I love how it's the garlic bread that cancels out the salad... not the gallon of cream that was used in the pasta.. ;)

Exactly how much is a "crapload"?

I love that you paired this cream and butter fest with a salad. After looking at those pictures, it is going to take some will power to stick with my healthy and sensible lunch.

allie i thought you were master of conversions! hehe

this was awsome. i think we did a great job of re-creating la trat's best pasta dish! come on guys, cream is healthy right???

I haven't had creamy pasta in a very very long time. I dunno, i think it's because i don't like how restaurants i have been to make it...and if i make it myself i end up feeling guilty knowing whats in it hehehe. I just can't win : ( But i do know that if there is a good creamy pasta near me...there is no such thing as moderation. Should i begin the search? Maybe not a good idea hehehe.

Recipe is mouthwatering, but I particularly like how you used a chip n dip plate.
I really like the grill pic too!

the no cheese and seafood rule is odd but i've heard it before.

personally i don't mind but to each his own.

love the blog

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