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More Shirts

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Since the shirts were such a great sucess, I decided to make some more of them and include some suggestions from my adoring fans.  I have added some "girly T" sizes for the beard shirt (Marina, you crazy),  and added a shirt with that cool pot and chile logo from my site.  I have also created options for shirts without the TFimB Logo so that people who like the designs, but aren't huge fans of the site, can enjoy the shirts as well.  Hope you guys like them!  There are a lot of options on the site with a lot of color varieties, the girly shirts, and the logo/no logo choice, so be sure the look through and pick the right one!!!   Here is the link to the store again, or you can click the ad on the right.

1 Comment

Thank you Dan!!!! Will be purchasing it very soon : ) Waiting for pay day hehehe. I love it : )

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