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Last Restaurant Standing

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As the season of last restaurant standing winds down, so does my coverage of it. There isn't as much to write about in these final episodes! Everyone is working hard and doing great. It's fun to see how much the couples have learned since the beginning of the season. This is the payoff I was talking about before!

Raymond starts off the episode talking about how training is a huge part of his restaurants and his chefs have gone on to open michelin star restaurants of their own. He wants to split the couples up and give them all a few tips and lessons. David Moore takes the front of house people and shows them small details that make a huge difference. He has them all serve lunch at his restaurant.

Meanwhile, the chefs are with Raymond in his garden. Ray has them picking things and smelling everything. He gives them a few quick tests to see if they can identify herbs with their eyes closed. I have never heard of Angelica, but I guess it has a celeryish flavor and aroma. Raymond then cooks for them the dishes he wants them to serve in their restaurants this week. He has them recreate it and tells them all what is good and bad about their recreations.

Later the couples go back to their restaurants for a visit from Sarah. She talks to them about how to make money...

To The Cheerful Soul, she says that they are located in a Jewish neighborhood and should do more to market to them. Perhaps have a Jewish night or certain specials. She tells them that they were lucky with location and many of the other couples had to work harder on marketing. Later at service, Russell is taking forever to plate his risotto. He is trying all this fancy crap and you can see it becoming overcooked and cold on the screen! For some reason, the normally calm and good Russell was out of his element all week freaking out and obsessing over strange things. Later he serves the fish dish with scallops on it. The weird thing was the scallops were not on the menu! This would be a huge downer to someone allergic or someone who couldn't eat them because of beliefs, for example the huge Jewish community in town! SNAP!!!!! Bringing it all back around! Ray tells them at judging that your menu is a preview of the storybook of your meal, and without scallops listed, you are missing a chapter.

When Sarah sits down with Jalasdair of The Gallery, she first points out that their sign does not say "restaurant" on it, and no one would know! She stresses selling coffee and tea and tells them how much money they have lost out on by not selling it. She says they are stuck between a brasserie and fine dining, and they need to focus more on the brasserie style. At service, they decide not to put bread on the table and some dude freaks out a little bit. Raymond says "if you don't give the Frenchman his bread, you have made a mistake"

Sarah mainly focuses on the costs at True Provenance. They have staggering food costs. Later Tim way overcooks the fish and sends it out late. Ray asks Tim, a former restaurant consultant, if he would go into business with himself if he was on the other side of the table. Tim, in a very honest moment, sadly says no. he is ashamed because "his strength has become his weakness." He went into this competition thinking restaurant costs wuld be his strong point because of all of his experience in the business end of restaurants, but he got baried so deeply in the food origin theme, he forgot about all of his experience. Poor Tim. This couple has really gained a lot from their experience in my opinion. From what I have seen, they used to be passive aggressive with each other constantly, but now seem chill and happy. Lindsie seemed to really want this dream along with Tim toward the end and I am sad to see them go! At least now they can be off with their baby and maybe try and open their own place a few years down the line! Good Luck Lindsie and Tim!

One episode left!

1 Comment

I think the Cheerful Soul dodged a bullet on this one. They are idiots. Had any of that Jewish community that they thankfully did not market to come in, they might have gotten a reaming for the shellfish "surprise" and may have gone home. Lucky.

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