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Last Restaurant Standing and Announcement

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A few things before I start today. First of all, I am sorry to everyone who has been unable to comment in the past few days! (EDIT: ALSO SORRY FOR THE DOWNTIME THIS MORNING!!!!) I am working really hard on this issue and will have it fixed by the weekend. The good news is that it is caused by too many people on the website!! So that isn't really a problem now is it?

Second Item - FoodieFights! The first battle has been announced and the stage is set for the duel. Head on over today and see the theme ingredients and participating blogs!!

Now onto Last restaurant standing! This episode was kind of filler to me and a bit anticlimactic no? It sucks since the show has been great lately and we are coming so close to the end. Oh well, only 2 more episodes and I'm sure they will be great.

We begin today with Raymond telling people that he will be sending special guests to the restaurants; People that are vegetarian and vegan, some who are gluten free, and some that are just very picky or rowdy. Ray wants to see every guest treated special and given that extra something that makes them want to return. He also wants to see major improvements in all aspects of the restaurants. We hear that one couple will go straight through to the final, while the other 2 will have a challenge.

Lindsie and Tim are looking great at the beginning of the show. We see that Lindsie seems to actually enjoy the front of house duties and is getting good at them! This is a stark contrast from the beginning of the season when she was only doing it for Tim and crying all the time. Their special gift to the diners will be a tomato consommé (Rays recipe from 20 years ago!), and some radish seeds with a recipe for radish salad. The seeds represent the theme of the restaurant that is knowing the origins of your food. Tim is challenged with the toughest table of the night; a 10 top with 6 vegetarians and 4 vegans!!!! Now even though this is a hard challenge, Tim and Lindsie handled it terribly serving sautéed cabbage as the main meal. Everyone knows its bad news when you piss off a vegetarian, and the table became pretty rowdy. One of the particularly snobby ladies walked across the street and bought a bag of mixed nuts cause she was so hungry. While I do feel bad for Tim for getting 10 vegetarians, Ray did warn them that there might be some. They should have tailored the whole menu to lean in a veg direction so it wouldn't be hard to accommodate different people.

Jalasdair was giving a lot of food based gifts to the diners. This seemed good, but upset Ray and the judges because this is where the restaurant makes profit! If you give away a free glass of wine, who is ordering cocktails? Besides me. They got a gluten free kid and proceeded to serve her bread. James flips out and calls the waiters donkeys. Look who is training to be the next Gordon Ramsay! They get a special "supper club" dining at the restaurant tonight. Apparently supper club = snobby club, cause they all rip apart James's food that has been praised all season. At judging, Ray tells Alasdair that he did a great job and he has trouble hiding his pride and excitement. The dude turns bright red blushing and can't stop smiling!

At The Cheerful Soul, the main gift to diners is... cherries? They also give nice little scrolls with some of the recipes. They give out a free crostini to everyone. Including a whole table of gluten free diners! After Michelle had just talked to them for 20 minutes about their orders. This was really awkward. Later in the night, they were very busy but kept things under control. The kitchen stayed very clean and organized through all the bustle.

Here was the lamer part of the episode. No one won! No one lost! All 3 are going to the challenge. So here we all are. Nothing changed. See ya next week!

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Congrats on the extra viewers to your site. You deserve them. I don't watch the show, but I enjoy reading your synopsis of each episode.

I can't really say that much since I didn't see the episode, but the fact that the three restaurants messed up on something like giving foods to people where they can't eat something because of their health really annoys me. I have issues where I can't eat some things because they bother my digestive system. However, that is nothing compared to someone who has celiacs or something. I wish more people who worked at restaurants knew/thought about this stuff. LOL sorry for going on about it in your comments ;)

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