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Last Restaurant Standing - Final


***Battle 2 is announced on foodiefights, so go check it out.

The finale of Last Restaurant Standing was on last night. We start with a fun little recap of all the couples that takes about 2 minutes. It made me think about how on an American reality show this would have taken up 10 - 15 minutes and been annoying. This recap was nice to see all the couples from past episodes. We now learn that this challenge will take place on the orient express. They will each have 40 diners and need to give the utmost fine dining experience on the train.

Alasdair and James are excited to impress Raymond. Alasdair is even helping out in the kitchen! They start with some pigeon, smoked salmon, and ratatouille canapĂ©s. The appetizer is a summer vegetable risotto. Many people complain that it is overcooked and cold. Wasn't this the same dish from last episode? Why would you cook it again James? Quick clip of James chugging gray goose from the bottle. Yum. Ray sees some beautiful lobster on the cutting board. "How much was that? It looks nice." Too much says James. "No really, how much." 18 pounds for a kilo. What does that mean to us? Well I did the math and it comes to 54 dollars a pound!!! 12 dollars a pound?  Thanks amber.

At judging, Alasdair admits the lobster thermador was his idea cause lobster = decadence. Ray asks David how Alasdair did at service and with the most character he has had all season, he creepily says that Alasdair was a "little star...mmmmhmmmmm" then Ray calls James a masochist. You know, just a normal day on LRS.

Michele and Russell decided to give little presents to the diners to show the appreciation. Russell is making a sorbet but there are no freezers on the train. What's gonna happen!!??!? Michele is in the store calling Russell to ask which wrapping paper to choose. She says she can't make a decision cause she is hungry. He says shut up and choose one. Later on, she almost leaves the musicians at the station when the train leaves! Get this girl some food!

Sarah will be the judge for Michelle and Russell because of her obvious crush on James. Russell's first dish is a broad(fava)bean and pea Velouté served in a cup. The cup is smart for soup on a train cause of all the movement.

His main course is warm salmon with veg and a lemongrass broth. This goes from warm to cold really fast. looks like the sorbet stayed frozen. He also has a bread accident on his dessert that they make out to be a big deal in the previews but is ok cause its double decker anyways so just make one deck and get on with it!

Ray calls their meal non ambitious and flat, but says for what it was, it was delicious. He thinks they are ready for a restaurant, but James and Alasdair still have learning to do. Seems like Jalasdair really dropped the ball on this challenge, and what happened to James's cooking all of a sudden? It was the best all season but in the last 3 episodes people didn't like it. Oh well, I had fun watching and reviewing this show for you all, but I'm glad it's over! Now I remember why I said last year that I wouldn't do it again! So I guess ill see you guys next year!



Your math is off - $18 GBP/kilo is ~$12/lb. Still expenseive but more reasonable.

18 GBP = $26.46
1 kilo = 2.21 lbs
$26.46/2.21 = ~$12.00

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