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Going Bananas!


Before I start my post today, I have a very special announcement! Remember that battle I had with Macheesmo a few weeks back? Well, my sworn rival and I have teamed up to bring you a new and exciting web site where battles like that one will take place every other week! It's called FoodieFights and it is up now! If you have a blog, website, or even flickr account and would like to join the inaugural battle, head on over and sign up NOW! There are only 6 spots in each challenge so you better sign up quick!

Now onto the post for the day. Mandi was doing her daily run and when she arrived home she was looking around in our backyard. She noticed some of the bananas that we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for have finally ripened! There is a very short window of ripe time for this particular type of bananas so we had to act quick. Here are a few things we made with the bananas this weekend.

Mandi is harvesting the bananas.

She wanted me to remind everyone that she just got back from a run and that is why she is wearing workout clothes.  I don't think she looks bad though, do you?

For the first recipe, you need 3 unripe bananas. But almost ripe. These look really green, but that's because they are wild bananas and don't ever get that crazy bright yellow we all see in the store.

Melt some butter and brown sugar in a pan on med-high heat. Add some nutmeg.

The bananas cook 1-2 minutes per side. Spoon the caramel over them as they cook.

Add the bananas to the serving plate. Some people do the fire part with the bananas still in the pan, but Alton suggests not to and these bananas were plenty crispy anyways.

So here is where you add rum and light it on fire! I kind of doubled the rum so that's why this fire is almost out of hand.

Probably not the best thing for 12:20 at night! But don't worry we were safe about it and we have a fire extinguisher.

I know that looks a lot like a coors light can in my other hand, but it isn't. I swear. It's a pyrex measuring cup. I am responsible people! My beer was on the counter.

And yes, I shaved. Don't worry it will be back soon. You have to clean the beard out once in awhile to make sure nothing is alive in there.

YUM! Mandi nor I have ever actually had bananas foster before tonight, and we were extremely happy with how it came out!!! Also, it's very easy and quick to make, and would please a crowd with the flair of the pan fire. Unless you burnt someone. Then the party would be over.

On to the next morning. This recipe called for 3 bananas, but we used 5 cause the ones from our tree are small. (The last one was added after this picture.)

You start with creamed butter and sugar. Eggs are added, then the banana mixture, then flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda.

We used a smaller pan than they said, for one, cause we wanted the bread to really explode from the top, and two cause it was all we had.

Unfortunately this thing rose a lot and we lost some on the floor of the oven. The good news is that banana breads are pretty easy and little mishaps like that do not mess up the general cooking.

The final product was moist, hearty and delicious. Nice banana flavor but not overpowering. Not overly sweet like they can be sometimes.

We had it for breakfast with some scrambled eggs.  Mandi put butter and honey on her bread, but I had some cream cheese.

Neither of these are original recipes, but there are recipes for them all over the web. We followed Alton's bananas foster guidelines, but changed it up a bit leaving out the banana liquor. I once fed Mandi lots of shots of 99 Bananas in college and to this day, she can't even look at the stuff. The banana bread is from food network kitchens and many of the commenter's said it is one of the best banana breads they have ever tasted, so I figured it would be a good one to go with.


MMMM looks delish! When are you coming home to cook us breakfast?!

Looks awesome.
I'd put walnuts in the banana bread.
I love walnuts.
Nice shirt.
Nice font.

Where'd you get them? Haha.

oooh richie that woulda been a good idea to add walnuts! i LOVE banana walnut muffins so shoulda thought of it. oh-well, there's plenty more bananas to use up with a very short shelf life... so maybe we'll make it again this week and add walnuts this time :)

you changed the font a little huh? looks little less scribbly than it used to? i like it.

Ohhhh banana bread..ohhhh how much i love it! But i do not like it with walnuts. WHat i look forward to most when making and eating banana bread is the salty sweet combination. I add a little more salt than required in the recipe then have it with some black tea. Perfect.

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