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Living in Bermuda, I have cooked some things I would never make if I was living in the US. Homemade bagels are definitely one of them. Why would I bother making bagels if I lived in a city that had great bagels on every corner? Here in Bermuda there aren't many bagel options and there is only one place that doesn't use frozen ones. I looked at a few recipes before making these for the first time. We were going to make the more complicated one (as we usually do) but after falling asleep on the couch a few times over the weekend we never did the night before prep work. We ended up going with an Emeril recipe on Sunday morning. Despite using the quicker recipe, the bagels came out excellent.

It was a very dense yet soft dough.

We halfed the recipe to make 6 bagels.

It's best to make a smooth ball and then poke a hole through it rather than rolling out a log and trying to connect it.

Making the onion topping.

We like everything bagels.

Salt and pepper added to the previous ingredients.

Just like pretzels, bagels are boiled before baking.

Lots of cornmeal to prevent sticking.


The interior was soft and chewey, the outside had some crunch.

We decided to make what might have been the best egg sandwich of my life.

The recipe we were hoping to try was here, but we ended up doing this easier one. Used brown sugar instead of white, and baked them for 23 minutes instead of 30-35. for the toppings, most came from spice jars. We toasted the sesame seeds for a minute. To make the onion topping, dice some onion, pat dry, and bake at 300 for 5 to 10 minutes. The easier Emeril recipe was really great, but if you have the time, I'm positive the other recipe is worth the extra effort.


everything bagels are THE best!!!! mand, no peanut butter? hehe

They look fantastic!! It's commandable to amke your own bagels, even if it's out of necessity!

Those bagels look so good I think you could start a blackmarket bagel store in Bermuda. You could be rich with all those tourists! Who doesn't like a hot fresh bagel in the morning? Or for lunch for that matter.

I would never have thought to make these, but after seeing yours, I want to try.

I love this one, but guys, can't you do a post for meals for a mommy with a one year old. I see all these and go.. "hummm this looks so good, I wish I had time for this!!!" It just makes me hungry!

Now this is something that i have made before & really enjoy eating. The whole bagel thing hasn't really took off here (maybe because they are made real crappy) but i definitely love homemade one's. Not sure if your recipe did this but i put sugar in the boiling water & it gave the bagels such a slight sweet appeal to the Filipino palette hehehe.

I love eating these with left over chicken adobo (filipino version) or with really good butter and Vegemite.

Did you boil them in lye or a syrup solution? Did you rest the dough overnight in the fridge? If you didn't do these steps, take it from a bagel pro, you'll get better crust, browning, and dough texture if you do. Lye is best for onion, everyseed, that sort of thing, and syrup solutions are for sweet bagels. Looks like you got great results with whatever you did, regardless.

Never understood bagels, it's like buying stale bread! I presume they're different in the States. In the UK, they're not at all soft and chewy, wherever you buy them from. Now, crumpets are different...

My cousin lives in Bermuda, and as a food writer I can attest that there are no corner bagel stores. It's a shame, but these bagels look delish!

I'm glad someone realizes how important salt is to an everything bagel. Don't be afraid to mix toppings in with the dough, especially the onion. Try chives, sunflower seeds, and rosemary as a topping. Try adding malt or molasses to the water to give it some shine. When the dough is perfect, it will sink in the water and float about 30 seconds later. Too soon is overproofed, the slow is under. To skip the cornmeal, bake them upside down on a damp towel (even with toppings) until the bottom is dry (about 2 minutes) then flip them onto another tray. Stone is much better for baking and developing the crust.

These look soooo good. I bet that WAS the best egg sandwich EVER...Im craving it now.

Hey, i stumbled on this post. I manage a Manhattan Bagel (and I bake when I have to). When you kettle your bagels, make sure the water is at a rolling boil and keep them in for appx 1 min. This gives them a glossy shine when they come out of the oven (no need for malt or molasses). Try baking at 500 degrees for 11 mins. This is how we do it and they're wonderful. :)

did you know bagels came from an olympic event???


I like bagels, but I'd give them up in a heartbeat to live in Bermuda.

I want to put my face in their warm and soft insides and go to sleep on my everything bagels. BTW nice fingernail paint!

Those "bagels" look like some sort of crap you would see someone eat in a third world country! Mingin......
Try some proper Scottish food like Haggis & neeps or something if you enjoy real food, not this muck!

Those "bagels" look like some sort of crap you would see someone eat in a third world country! Mingin......
Try some proper Scottish food like Haggis & neeps or something if you enjoy real food, not this muck!

*wipes drool from mouth*

nice bagels. scottish people are dumb. bagels are the bee's knees. im from NY.. jew dough, judo, bagels are the best. bagel boss out on long island has such good bagels. anyways...

keep it real.

Awesome looking bagels. You have a fanstic blog. Found you through Stumble!

This is cruel and unusual punishment. LOL. I havent eaten today, so this is torture. The pics make me want to take a bite from my screen.

Too funny. I live in New York but am from Bermuda. And bagels will be one of the big things I'll miss from the Big Apple when I move home! Love the site. Keep it up!

Gorgeous pictures! And although my first reaction was "poor guy! Can't just go get a bagel on the corner when he wants!" I then read the "living in Bermuda" part and well, I'd consider that a fair exchange.

great!! these actually look surprisingly good for homemade bagels!

holy crap! that looks fan-freaking-tastic! Kudos, lady!

These look amazing. I didn't realize make bagels was so easy. Can't wait to make them, thanks for the delicious recipe.

I've been a reader on adnoff, and I must say I have enjoyed my stay here every time. :)

I am so going to try this being from NJ where good bagels are a given to moving to a city where they are far and few between. I can't wait to try! Do these freeze well?

I have a similar, slightly downsized, recipe for bagels - it makes 16 mini-bagels (or 10 regular-size.) They are the best bagels I'd ever tasted since the bagel bakery in my hometown shut down. I can't imagine that all the fuss of the other, longer recipes is really worth it.

To the Mom with the one-year-old - the bagels are really easy, it's more of a waiting game. Your baby can play with the dough when it's time to shape (it's pretty safe to eat raw, just watch for choking) The active cooking time is really only about 15-20 minutes, in short bursts over the whole recipe. The only time you'll need someone to fade you some childcare is about 5-10 minutes while you're boiling them - that is something I wouldn't do with a baby at my ankles.

Great pictorial display of creating bagels! The look very scrumptious.

These bagels look great. Just from the pictures alone they look like something you'd buy at a mainstream cafe. I'd also like to know if these freeze well too, seems like it would be wise to have a bagel day and make a few dozen in one go.

These look and sound delicious !!!! Do you have a gluten-free version? I have a bread mix that I use to make bread that I love. I don't think that it is stiff enough to make bagels. Any suggestions?

That's usually what I get if I'm at a bagel shop.
That looks delish. Never attempted bagels before. I'm going to have to try this.

Great, but need a very lot time for do it.

I have never been into bagels but these bagel make me want to get into them.

They look really delicious! I've just had dinner and my mouth is watering!

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