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April 2009 Archives

Tuna Burgers with Asian Slaw


Fresh, Delicious, clean Summer flavors are dominating my mind right now. A month back, I was in a cooking rut. I felt like I had hit a wall. The food still tasted good, and I was having ideas, just not many of them. With a change of seasons, I am invigorated. Ready to apply everything I have learned this Winter to Summer entertaining. Ready to add new flavors to BBQ's picnics and pasta salad. And mostly ready to not spend hours in the kitchen making these heavy winter meals that have reigned on this blog for the past 5 months.

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Sundried Tomato Marjoram Cauliflower Pesto


As the Summer slowly approaches, pesto is on my mind. This weekend we made a few great ones. One of them needs to be developed a bit further, but one is perfect just how it is, and that's the one I am going to show you today. This pesto can be made in a blender, or with a knife. Both ways are very different and delicious in their own right. I have both ways shown here.

Banana Spring Roll


As you know, I'm not a big dessert guy. Don't often make them, and don't often eat them. I do like them on occasion though, and this was easily one of the best desserts I have ever had. And crazy quick to make!  We made these after the curry from yesterday and they were an all around success. Oh except for the 2 guys that didn't like bananas. Whoops! Oh well more for me.

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Kashmiri Chicken


Every time I post curry, I seem to get no comments. I spoke with Mandi about this, and we wondered what to do because we both love curry so much and we want you all to love it too! So, last time I made Indian food, I asked people to comment and say their stance on it. I got some interesting replies about liking it but being intimidated about what to order at a restaurant, or wanting to try making it at home but thinking it was too hard to make. I do admit that a lot of the things I make are tough and time consuming, but today I chose a very beginner curry that I want everyone to try and make! Consider it homework. I urge everyone to try this dish and learn that making curries at home isn't all that complicated!!!

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Grilled Pizza


My fanatical love of thin-crust, brick oven style pizza has left me a bit biased against other forms of pizza. I have always been a bit of a hater and brushed off grilled pizzas as not a "true" pizza much as the same way I feel towards the deep-dish. But with time, comes maturity, and lately I have been trying to overcome my biases of the past and be more open toward other pizza forms. As you may know today is a special day, and on a day like today shouldn't peace and acceptance be the message? Last night I finally decided to give it a whirl and I must say, I loved it. Now will I ever be friends with the dreaded deep dish? Only time will tell...

Joking aside, one thing that started to turn the tables on my opinion of grilled pizza are some old college friends. Mandi's old roommate Sarah and her fiancé Mike are VERY serious about grilled pizzas. We called them up yesterday to make sure we were doing everything right. After a few tips and some reassurance, we were ready to go!

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Macaroni and Cheese Mock-i Rolls


I had a really funny idea last week, and Mandi and I tried it out over the weekend. I think these would be a neat finger food to pass around at a party. The cool thing is you can make them way ahead of time, so it frees you up to just reheat at the party. I like the idea of foods that look fancy, but are really something that everyone is familiar with.

Grilled Fish and Artichoke Spring Salad


In the Spring and Summer months we eat a lot of quick, simple salads with grilled fish. I never really post them because they are so simple. But this time I added some beautiful, fresh Springtime artichokes and I think it graduated to website material. Is it warm enough yet where you are to make a nice grilled fish salad for dinner? The weather is slowly turning here and you can feel Summer coming.

Aloo Gobi Mash with Lamb Balti Curry


As far as I can tell, Balti curry is second in line after chicken tikka masala for least authentic. Because of this, Mandi and I decided to just wing it and make the recipe as we felt it should be. The results were pretty tasty! This is the first time we used all these new spices. I have been searching high and low in Bermuda for Indian ingredients and I finally found them! I can't really gauge my audience's like or dislike for curries, but I get the feeling a lot of you don't like them! This is because every time I post Indian or Thai food, no one seems to comment. What's up with that? Talk to me people. There is going to be a bit more posts in the next few weeks from the curry department, because of all these spices we found, but also because of another surprise we can't wait to try this weekend!

Going Bananas!


Before I start my post today, I have a very special announcement! Remember that battle I had with Macheesmo a few weeks back? Well, my sworn rival and I have teamed up to bring you a new and exciting web site where battles like that one will take place every other week! It's called FoodieFights and it is up now! If you have a blog, website, or even flickr account and would like to join the inaugural battle, head on over and sign up NOW! There are only 6 spots in each challenge so you better sign up quick!

Now onto the post for the day. Mandi was doing her daily run and when she arrived home she was looking around in our backyard. She noticed some of the bananas that we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for have finally ripened! There is a very short window of ripe time for this particular type of bananas so we had to act quick. Here are a few things we made with the bananas this weekend.

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Cheesy Greens Stuffed Shells


We wanted a nice comforting meal last Sunday that we could cook without having to think too much. We were having a lazy weekend and needed a carb load to jumpstart the week the next morning. This meal proved to be just that. Tasty, warm, comforting, and super cheesy. We made some alterations off a Giada recipe we found so that we could use some of our garden fresh greens and herbs.

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Thai Coconut Soup

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Mandi always gets this soup at the Thai place we go to on the island. We wanted to re create it at home and we found out it is pretty easy! I have since made it a few times and have decided that you can make it a variety of ways and it will turn out good no matter which way you choose. Normally I am against substitutions and only do them if I have to, but as I will explain later, subs are ok in this meal. We like this soup deadly spicy, but don't be scared of all those chiles, the coconut milk really kills the heat so you need to add much more than you think.

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Bagel Chips


Just a short one today guys. You just made 12 bagels. Now your precious stock is on the verge of going stale! Now what?? Well remember those little paper bags at the store with yummy garlicy bagel chips in them? They are very easy to make!

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Living in Bermuda, I have cooked some things I would never make if I was living in the US. Homemade bagels are definitely one of them. Why would I bother making bagels if I lived in a city that had great bagels on every corner? Here in Bermuda there aren't many bagel options and there is only one place that doesn't use frozen ones. I looked at a few recipes before making these for the first time. We were going to make the more complicated one (as we usually do) but after falling asleep on the couch a few times over the weekend we never did the night before prep work. We ended up going with an Emeril recipe on Sunday morning. Despite using the quicker recipe, the bagels came out excellent.

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Satay Skewers with Fried Noodles


Chicken Satay are the skewers you can get as an appetizer at Thai places. Knowing the flavors, we whipped up a quick sauce, marinated some chicken thigh pieces in it and threw them on the grill. It was far better than we ever expected it to be! The flavors were really fantastic. As a dipping sauce (cause satays always come with one) we decided to use tzatziki, a greek yogurt cucumber sauce because FUSION! The flavors went great together. We served it with quick fried noodles we made by buying everything in the store that seemed Asian that day.

Tamales (Again!)

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As you know, we have made tamales a few times in the past. Both times, they came out great, but were lacking a little something. After playing around with the recipe a bit, Mandi and I came up with our favorite way to make tamales. From now on if I make them, I will reference this post. Note: I am mostly talking about the dough here. The fillings can be whatever you want! Now that I have perfected the dough, I will experiment with more fillings in the future, but these are with a simple taco meat. As I said before, this is similar to posts in the past, so sorry if you are bored by it, but you should know that Mandi and I can't let a recipe rest until it is perfected!!!

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