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Spring is in the Food


Can you feel Spring in the air? I don't know if it was just Bermuda, but there was definitely a Spring vibe this weekend. Mandi and I had a great weekend watching the basketball games and cooking. On Sunday, we tried to use as much from our garden as we could to keep the Spring vibe going. The container with lettuce and swiss chard was pretty full so we decided to eat some of the larger leaves to make room for the young ones to grow.

Here is Mandi harvesting some of the lettuce.

The chard would be later.

Some arugula too.

A quick wash in ice water. We have to be sure to wash the stuff we get from our garden really well because there are sometimes little friends hiding under the leaves.

This is some great olive oil we got from a small imported batch.

These fresh beautiful greens need only olive oil, balsamic, cracked pepper, and a few red onions.

Some parm shavings finished off the best salad I have had in a long time.

Mandi is grabbing some more herbs for sausage. It's pretty key to have the plants right outside the door from the kitchen!

Just a simple sausage.

This went in the fridge for a few hours while we took a drive.

Mandi made a Mojito so that we could use some of our fresh mint.

Mandi thought the stems smelled a bit like beets. It's funny cause the red leaves always remind me of beet greens

Garlic bread. Another excuse to use our fresh parsley.

Garlic, pepper and oil.

We learned this tip from Alexandria on "The Cooking Loft." The stems of the chard could use a few more minutes than the leaves, so separate them and put the stems in first.

It's always a good idea to cut things the same size.

This meal comes together really quick once all the ingredients are together.

Another great thing about Spring is eating outdoors! Meals just taste better. Do you guys like my Abe Lincoln beard?

Quick reference.
Cook Sausage, remove from pan but leave a few teaspoons of the oil and the stuff stuck to the bottom of the pan.
Drop pasta
Add onions and chard to pan. Salt. Cook 2 minutes.
Add a splash or 2 of pasta water and "deglaze" the pan. All this means is rub the pan when the water goes in to get all that nice brown stuff off the bottom and into the sauce.
When the water evaporates almost fully, add garlic and tomatoes. 1 minute later, add some more pasta water.
Add the meat back to the pan
Add the chard and 1 minute later the pasta should be done.
Add the pasta to the pan while it still has a slight bite to it.
Stir for a few minutes until everything is mixed. Taste for seasonings. Add some parmesan.
Remove from heat and 1 minute later add some chunks of mozz.


Looks like you haven't trimmed your "Abe Lincoln"/"Amish" beard since Halloween!? It's pretty funny, though.
Fresh Salad looks great...

I am not sure I like the beard. It looks more Amish than Lincolnish.


abe lincoln's favorite sport was wrestling.

it does look amish! i told dan im gonna call him jebadiah till he cuts it lol

just call me Amish Abe.

mmmmmmm I LOVE spring time cooking. that pasta looks amazing.

Yum good lookin food.... not so good lookin beard dan! I agree with your mom Dan, you belong in Amish country... you would fit right at home near Jason's :-P

Okay, a few things here -

first, such a colorful post! yes, i agree, spring is FINALLY in the air, i felt it on thurs of last week, i could smell it as i was leaving work...

mand - you are in such deep thought looking at the food, you are too cute, i miss you!

dan - can i be your manager for beard contests? that ish is HOT.

nice post guys!

I like the cleft in Dan's chin, that I saw in another, past post. The beard does not really show the sculpture of his face, but rather hides it. Other guys can only wish they had such nice facial features to hide away at will.
I love your swiss chard and container garden, it is very lovely, and also enjoyed the post on curry the other day. Curry flavors are new to me.

It's autumn here but it feels like spring. We got some lettuce growing in our garden but they don't look too healthy :( You guys seem to have the green thumb.

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