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I made some shirts recently. Well actually, I had some shirt ideas and sent a crudely scribbled design to Rich who made them awesome. People who like the site, have seen Mandi and I wearing these now and then. Some of you have made comments about them, so I decided to make them available to everyone! You can click here to go to my store, or click the ad on the right from now on. If you have any comments, ideas, or requests, feel free to email me or as always, leave a comment. Hope you like them! Thanks again Rich and as always, Kim for the store design.


I just ordered The Food in my Beard Shirt - blue.
The transaction was smooth, just make sure you know your credit card information/password and I think you might have to make an account with Spreadshirt... I have one because I eventually want to get a store up on my site with it.
Good job Dan and Kim.
I hope I can make more designs in the future.

That beard shirt is hilariously disgusting.

The beard t-shirt made me laugh as well. I like the garam masla and the salsa ones the best.

I'm waiting on a guacamole shirt for this year's mexican party ;-)

Awwww no beard t-shirts for us girlies? I wanna buy that one!!!

Marina -

I wasn't going to make that one in the "girlie T" style because it isn't a very cute design or style. but the mens shirts are just normal shirts that anyone can wear! but if you REALLY want that one in a girl shirt I suppose I can oblige for one of my oldest fans!

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