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Peanut Butter S'more Cake


There was a big party at my house this weekend for 4 people's birthdays. As usual, there was jello shots and good food. Mandi made a delicious cake for me. In past years, she has made elaborately designed cakes that relate to what she got me as a gift. This year since we were both busy getting ready and cooking for the party, she decided to focus less on the pretty, and more on the tasty. And tasty it was! She used all of my favorite dessert flavors; s'more (chocolate, gram crackers, marshmallow, and burntness) and peanut butter, and just piled them up layer upon layer.

We aren't the best bakers, but we have had a lot of luck with this Ina Garten chocolate cake.

This is also Ina's. A peanut butter frosting.

Just some melted marshmallows.

Gram crackers and butter lightly toasted.

Now it's time to just pile it all on!

You can't have s'mores without burn. Be careful kids! Make sure you have a fire extinguisher around.

The 3 birthday people (besides me) blowing out some candles on a store bought cake with mandi's in the background.

It looked awesome in the glass, but on the plate it looked like a big mess. It was damn tasty though.

Ina's cake

Ina's Frosting

Any other tips Mandi??


only thing you missed was that i added some butter to the marshmallows as well to combat the stickiness a bit, like with rice krispie treats.

i have never considered myself as a very good baker but this was the moistest, most yummy cake ever! and the peanut butter frosting was the best frosting i've ever had! granted my insane love of PB might make my opinion a bit biased, but for real it was so easy and amazing. GO INA! your friends may be weirdos and you may be a bit of a hampton weirdo yourself, BUT MY GOD DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BAKE!

we had cake that night? TOO many jello shots! bud heavy was awesome

Happy late birthday to you Dan & your mates! Everytime i check into your website i get an urge to have some American friends lol. I can see we definitely eat differently here in Australia & it would be so cool to try out or be part of the stuff you make. Nobody really cooks like this over here but it looks like so much fun! Maybe i'll make some friends when im (hopefully) in the USA next year!

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