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Last Restaurant Standing - What's the Deal with Airline Food?


Before I start my review I have a couple things to talk about. First, remember yesterday when I said I had bigger fish to fry than Kim? Well that bigger fish is Macheesmo! Some of you may know that we have been forming a blog rivalry and it will come to a point this Monday when we have a cookoff! Now since we all can't taste each other's food, it will be up to you to vote. The ingredients have been chosen, and more details will come as the day approaches.

Second - Man, there are just way too many cooking shows on TV right now!! How am I supposed to keep up? Thankfully top chef ended just in time for the new one on NBC tonight. Are you guys gonna watch? It seems to me like it's a big rip off of Last Restaurant Standing! But just different enough that they won't have to pay Raymond and the gang for using their ideas. Sneaky. Some advance reviews have said Marco Pierre White isn't crazy like Ramsay so the show therefore isn't as good. Apparently you need to call people donkeys to have a good coking show these days. Plus the dude is crazy anyway. He once cut a guy's chef jacket and pants off with a knife when he said it was too hot in the kitchen. I am going to watch obviously, if only to see if it is Last Restaurant Standing plus product placement. Speaking of LRS, it was a good one last night wasn't it!

In this episode, the 3 challenge couples had to cook airline food for 14 first class passengers, including Raymond and the inspectors. Raymond told them - use this as an opportunity to sharpen your identity. They then followed around someone who worked in the airline kitchen learning about their challenge and how everything would go down. I liked how they would be separated where the cooks would cook the meals, and the front of house would be the only ones on the plane and need to reheat and serve the food. did you guys notice that weird song playing during this segment about the mood for food?? What was with that? There were also a lot of British inside jokes this episode that I didn't get. One was everyone telling Lindsie that she looked like someone from a TV show who's name I didn't recognize.

Chris and Caroline were partnered with Jalasdair which I thought would be a good match. They make salmon canapés as an appetizer, a Lancashire hotpot as the entrée, and pastry with fruit for dessert. A peasant meal first class? Chris always looks so proud of his bonehead ideas as he describes them to the camera. On the chef end, the guys do well getting the food back to the kitchen quickly and prepping everything. On the airplane, we see Alasdair doing one of his classic freakouts spinning and grabbing at everything in the kitchen and then throwing his arms up in confusion. They are running behind and Sarah seems to be forgotten. A steward of the airline comes to the rescue and helps them out of the jam. Alasdair hands a plate to the steward and says bring this one to the bald guy over there (talking about Inspector David Moore). Raymond looks at the food and says "Au Mon Dieu!"

Lindsie and Tim go next. This week they are partnered with the Magic that is Helen. Having Helen on your team in the challenge is like a free pass to the next round! Tim has a hard time finding meat and produce with local and respectable origins. He feels that he needs to spend extra time on this because that is the theme of his restaurant and that is what Raymond is looking for this week. At service, things seem to go well. Lindsie tells every person where the lamb came from. They seem to forget Sarah again and she says "If I were a sensitive soul, I would be offended!" oh Sarah!

Laura and Peter go last. Peter is shown at the Asian store with super fresh awesome seafood and decided on frozen shrimp. Don't try and pull a fast one on Raymond please. Ray can sniff out a frozen shrimp from 15 feet away. The prawn and cold noodle salad LOOKS really delicious. Service is terribly slow mainly because the rice is stuck to the ramekins they baked in which once again proves that peter can not cook rice.

At judging, Raymond congratulates Lindsie and Tim for having the best dish, and tells then that the airline will be using it in their future service! Ray then grills Tim, asking him if it was a good choice to take so much time securing the true provenance local origin meat and produce at the cost of losing time in the kitchen and possibly sacrificing quality. Tim stands by his decision and after a few seconds of a Larry David style staredown, Raymond and the inspectors agree and congratulate him for not backing down. Raymond then tells Laura and Peter that the noodles sucked, the rice sucked, the prawns were frozen/sucky, ,and the service was cold and unfriendly.

When Chris and Caroline were being judged, I was kind of surprised. The judges seemed to like the food despite it being not what they said it was and not quite suitable for first class service. David was disappointed because he is from Lancashire and loves hotpot, but when he saw it his heart sank (awwww). But he still enjoyed it! Raymond was also disappointed because the potato was raw in the middle and burnt on the outside. Sarah was not disappointed at all! She said it reminded her of something her Gram would make for her Grandpa after a long day in the pit (What?? Sarah you intrigue me, lets be friends). They also like Caroline's speech about a taste at home while traveling abroad.

So why did C+C go home? The judges seemed to like more of their things than they did Peter and Laura. I think David was pissed about the bald comment. But that was Alasdair, not C+C themselves! We all know C+C weren't going to win, but I thought they would last to the next challenge.


I didn't see LRS last night (boo!) but very much looking forward to the chopping block tonight. I'm a quarter of the way through Marco's book right now. He is one crazy dude! Actually, I should say one crazy bloke, since he's english.

To me it seemed like Raymond liked C&C better and thought they do a respectable job, but also that he has seen what they can do and it's not enough. He said "you are not ready for a restaurant" so rather than wasting their time, he cut them. Where as with Peter and Laura, their stuff was pretty awful but i think he's still unsure of their talent/passion level. He said "you are still a mystery to me" or something like that. Meaning that even though they sucked, he's not sure if they were just messing up or if they actually suck. So he wants to be sure...

I wanna be Sarah's friend too. in the preview it looks like she gets a little riled up next episode... hah yeah!

You're so right! Too many cooking shows to keep straight.

I hate the new NBC show: Cheap! Cheap! Cheap production! Only 2 restaurants? And the "Hell's Kitchen" competing teams with the losing teams nominating people to ax?

And don't get me started on the piss poor editing. Yawn.

As for this week's LRS, all 3 teams seem to be doomed, anyway. Raymond & Co. probably tossed a coin to reach the decision.

Last season, Raymond's favorite concept, "Eight In The Country," was the winner, wasn't it? Not necessarily the couple, themselves, because they parted ways after Raymond stuck them in a pub for 7 months. Anyway, this year's concept, "True Provenance" will probably win.

And I can't help but feel sorry for poor Chris. He's like a Wallace & Gromit character.

i'm gonna have to disagree delilah, i really enjoyed NBC's new show! there were many aspects that i thought were silly, like how the salamander and the oven both broke (what the hell NBC?!?), the seriously anti-climatic ending, and yeah the giant writing inserted all over the city announcing each phase of the competition... just weird! but to me, chef marco is enough reason to watch this show. his dark, brewing, craziness is way more entertaining than ramsey's increasingly over-the-top screaming fits. in one shot he's speaking to the camera in some oddly-lit, ancient looking room. he leans back and dead stares at the camera and ever so quietly makes some comment about being served a dog's dinner. i died. his whole mannerism cracks me up!

Mandi, I agree about Marco. Seriously scary... and definitely worth watching.

I'd really like to know where the song comes from, the one that starts
"I'm in the mood for food"

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