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Last Restaurant Standing - Dinner Party

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This week, the challenge couples must cater a dinner party. I have to admit, last week I was really excited for this episode, but in the end it was just average to me. One good thing though is that all of the clearly bad couples are gone and we can start chipping away at the serious contenders. Raymond sits everyone down at a private table at his restaurant. He tells them that it is possible to hide at your restaurant, but there is nowhere to hide at this dinner party. They will be catering for 20 people and must attend to the hosts every wish.

Jalasdair are catering for a couple who are professional party planners. This could have been their downfall, but they were also the most laid back of all the hosts and I think it saved Jalasdair. They were late getting the supplies to the house and the hosts helped carry stuff in. This WAS a mistake, but in my opinion was not their fault. The hosts asked to help and since Jalasdair aren't professional caterers themselves, they didn't know not to accept the help. They had to make 3 trips back to the restaurant to get chairs and James was super late. Alasdair was freaking out slamming his head into a chair crying. James came in looking like he just smoked crack drank 5 redbulls and busted out some crazy meals that everyone at the party loved. James also makes fun of Alasdair for crying earlier. Jalasdair did ok in my book but were extremely lucky to get the hosts they did or else they would have been sent home. "I already have 2 children, I do not need 2 more" says Raymond.

Helen and Stephen had some crazy inbred lady who lives in a castle (what does Dave Atell say about making fun of Eskimos?) She has a half broken kitchen, and doesn't want to use her valuable fine china at the dinner. There are some strict rules: NO STACKING (what up Collins 610 pong rules), and do not speak to guests! She wants Helen to use the fresh game caught by her husband the other day. This lady creeped me out even before she opened a shed full of dead animals. Anyway, the glasses Stephen orders are TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to her and she pulls out her fine china anyway. Stephen does a super slick move by sneaking some ugly placemats under all the plates without people noticing. Everyone loves the food and I can't help but be happy for Helen. She has always been the best team member for challenges and she proved it on her own team today! She was very toned down at judging after last week when she was so defensive. Ray says good work but downer Sarah says she is sad we have not seen this Helen all along.

Peter and Laura somehow have managed to hang on this long. The food looks terrible at the party and is served cold and dry. They almost run out of food for the host. They manage to not serve the host till 5 minutes after everyone else causing awkward moments while no one can eat. All of the starter plates came back with uneaten food. Peter was trying to make the brownies look good by painting silly designs on the plates. Ray tells peter he could start with the most beautiful food And somehow serve it looking ugly. Peter says he didn't go to school to make pretty plates (what?) Their restaurant is closed.

What did you guys think about this episode? Are you still watching?

1 Comment

yea. the two dude definitely would have went home if they didn't have cool people. really? you have to make 8 trips for chairs?? they are lucky they pulled it off, cause if i were the couple I would have been pissed.

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