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Buffalo Chicken Soup


Kim, The design team president, thought of this meal about a month back. She wanted to make a cheesy broth, a sort of cream of buffalo chicken soup. I thought more of a spicy broth with blue cheese crumbles on top. We were going to have a bit of a cook off and I was going to post both soups on here, but she eventually sided with me and said I should just make my version. (I have bigger fish to fry anyways) Thinking we made this idea up, I went to Google and sure enough there were plenty of hits for buffalo chicken soup. I didn't look at any because I had a pretty clear and simple idea of what I wanted to make and didn't want other recipes clouding my judgment.

I did look at some of those recipes today and I am glad I didn't before. The soup I made was very simple and delicious with a sharp kick of vinegary cayenne sauce. I think a lot of the soups missed the point of what Buffalo wings really are! The most common recipe involved a roux, milk, and a big chunk of Velveeta. Others had mozzarella and parmesan. What do these things have to do with Buffalo wings? To me, Buffalo wings need 5 elements to be delicious; the sauce (butter and cayenne sauce), crispness, chewy chicken, sharp yet creamy blue cheese, and raw celery and carrots. I knew I wouldn't have a crispy element in the chicken because I didn't want to fry chicken only to have it get all soggy in the soup! I decided the raw celery and carrots would be enough crunch.

Take your time and make perfect little squares with the celery and carrots.

Too much time on my hands?

No one ever told me not to play with my food.

Look how simple this soup is! There is only a few ingredients. These plus salt pepper honey, Tabasco and chicken stock.

Sauteing the veg in butter and oil. Only use 2/3 of the celery and carrots. The rest needs to be raw.

Added salt pepper and Tabasco.

Added the cayenne pepper sauce.

Added the chicken stock and a squeeze of honey.

Crumble up some blue cheese with the rest of the celery and carrots

This is your topping. It is important for soups to have a topping.

Just drop a raw chicken breast in the soup and let it poach.

Then take it out and shred it when it is done cooking.

Put it back into the soup. If you want some more body and content in the soup, add ¼ cup of pastina or couscous. We did and it was a nice addition, but it is optional. Shut off the heat 5 minutes after adding the couscous. Or closer to 10 if you used pastina.

Add your carrot celery blue cheese topping and enjoy.

The soup was borderline intence upon the first few bites, the same way that first bite of a wing is. After our mouths got used to the flavors, Mandi and I became addicted to the soup and devoured multiple bowls!

3 large carrots, 4 or 5 large celery stalks. Dice them into neat small cubes and Sauté 1/3rd of them in 3 tablespoons of butter and a few glugs of oil and salt. 10 minutes later, add pepper and Tabasco. Stir, and then add in 5 oz of cayenne sauce. Stir and cook 2 minutes. Add chicken stock to fill up the pot. Taste and add more stock or more cayenne sauce to your preference, a teaspoon or 2 of honey. Bring to a simmer and add chicken. When it is cooked, remove and shred. Add optional ¼ cup pastina or couscous and simmer 5 more minutes. Add chicken back in, remove from heat and serve. Pastina will take 3 minutes more than couscous.


YAY!!! I'm glad I can tell you my awesome idears.... and you can execute them for me!!

that looks soooooo good. I can't wait to make it.

I have been on the biggest wing kick for the last month. every time we go out to eat my immediate thought is "I wonder how there wings are?" It may be because i just cant find good wings but its all i want right now. At the same time im not willing to pull out the oil and make a mess.

Anyway I guess what im trying to say is, this is what were having for dinner tonight. And Im VERY EXCITED!

I definitely want to make this, too. It looks awesome (minus the blue cheese).
Thanks Dan (and Kim :) )

This looks amazing....

Boo! I was really looking forward to a soup off. Can't believe you were so easy to give in, Kim!

WHOA. Strong words amy!! Easily give in my arse!! haha.

I was just thinking about how i'd make my soup, and then decided the way dan was describing his was better.

I was thinking a creamy blue cheese-ranch soup with buffalo pieces in it. And then I thought...would a blue cheese soup even taste good??

I dunno. To prove i'm not easily persuaded, I might have to make mine anyways.

Interesting soup you guys have here & i loved the play food demonstration, it would make a great wallpaper actually. I have no idea what Buffalo wings are but the soup sure does look yuumy. Great colour : )

oh Marina! you don't know the gloriousness of buffalo wings!!!! that breaks my heart. if you ever visit the states.... please email dan and he will find you a respectable wing joint to divulge in!! or i will.... =)

WOW. I bet that would clear out a cold.

I'm in the process of making this RIGHT NOW, and the broth is so spicy and delicious. I'm so excited! I basically live off of Franks so I've always got it around, and the rest of the ingredients are so cheap. Since I'm a poor college student, this is the perfect recipe for me. Thanks to people like you, I can banish ramen from my diet this upcoming semester!

anyone have an amount for the tabasco, chicken or chicken stock? thanks!

Great idea!!! Instead of the blue cheese use sour cream with ranch powdered seasoning as the topping with the celery, and carrots!! Oh yummmmy!

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