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4 Pizzas


As I mentioned earlier this week, we had some impromptu pizza this weekend that I was very happy about. We made pizza about a month ago, but before that, the last time was probably October! My pizza oven was growing roots. We came up with 4 new pizza varieties this time around and I wanted to share them with everyone. If you want to know all the basics of pizza making, be sure to check out the pizza week extravaganza I put together back in October.

I told you! Poor pizza oven!

If you have been coming to this site for awhile, you know the ongoing joke. My friend Gareth has a very British palate. He claims to not like cheese and pasta, but still likes pizza and eats most of what we feed him. He is always asking for us to make shepherds pie or bangers and mash, so today I thought it would be fun to make a bangers and mash pizza. Here is a quick sausage I put together with a more British flavor compared to the Italian or breakfast sausages I usually make. The meat is ground pork and the bacon listed is 6 slices diced small in the background of the shot. There is also pepper sprinkled everywhere. Just give this a good mix and let it sit a few hours. Then cook it in a hot pan.

Lots of oregano is key for pizzas. We mixed some of this with ricotta for one of the new pizza varieties.

Gravy for the bangers and mash pizza. I cooked some diced onion and garlic in oil and added water with oregano, Worcestershire, and molasses. I braised a piece of beef chuck in this mixture for like 3 hours. I shredded the beef for one pizza, and strained the liquid and reduced it to ΒΌ of the original amount to make this gravy.  I don't mess around when it comes to pizza.

The first of our new pizzas. Ricotta mixed with lemon juice and oregano topped with caramelized onions.

I have officially mastered my pizza oven! We cranked out some awesome pizzas that night. This pizza was cooked perfectly, but the flavors turned out a bit bland. Some pepperoni would have made it better, or if we used homemade ricotta.

Gravy instead of sauce?? This is for the bangers and mash pizza. The "Arrested Development" jokes will be flying in the comments today.

This was the best bread structure we have achieved yet!

Gareth said the proper British way to eat this pizza would be with a knife and fork. We did not allow this, so he said that this was the next best way.

This pizza is shredded beef, roasted red pepper, and arugula. We used horseradish infused cheddar to complete one of my favorite flavor combos!

Mandi got decorative with the peppers.

The pizza oven in all its glory!

See the steam rising from the pizza? This is my favorite moment of pizzamaking.

The last pizza needed a pink sauce, so we just mixed some cream into our normal sauce.

Usually we put arugula on pizzas after they come out of the oven, but in this case, we wanted a cooked arugula flavor. Those little meat pieces are diced shrimp I cooked earlier.

Let me talk about this pizza for a minute. I normally hate even the idea of seafood with cheese. It pretty much grosses me out. However, like all rules there are a few exceptions. Tuna fish sandwich or melt is one of them. Or a fried fish sandwich. Here is another. It's still less cheese than the other pizzas, but let's face it, a cheeseless pizza is like a hornless unicorn!

Bangers and Mash Pizza
Sausage (Ingredients are above in the pictures)
Mashed potatoes

Shrimp Arugula
Cooked diced shrimp
Pink sauce

Beef Arugula
Shredded Beef -a flank steak grilled to medium would be delicious for this also
Roasted red pepper
Horsradish Infused Cheddar
Arugula put on after cooking.

Ricotta Caramelized Onion
Ricotta. Homemade would be better.
Caramelized onions
Pepperoni optional

Remember to check out pizza week for dough, sauce, cheese mixes, other toppings, cooking methods and general pizza goodness.


I want pizza for breakfast now!

Ok, who'd like a banger in the mouth?

I need a wallpaper of the pizza cooking in the oven. Sickkkkk.

Was the cheese/fish comment for me? I'm telling you, Broiled Haddock with a hint of Parmesan is where it's at. Imma show you someday. Yes, it doesn't always work, but there are exceptions!

I'm hungry!

gravy on pizza. that's crazy.

but really how did this taste.

uno's has that potato pizza...which is WAY too dry. and as a fan of potatoes AND pizza... it made me sad. potato pizza. why you not taste good?

Haha, you made me think of one of my favorite Bourdain quotes..."A bean without pork is like an orphaned child"

haha steph i actually already put that pic of the pizzas cooking in the oven on my background! didnt wanna wait for dan to make wallpapers again :) it's such a cool pic!

kim the bangers and mash pizza was surprisingly awesome. the sausage was super yummy and the potatoes of course yum! just a little cheese... but it wasnt dry AT ALL cause of the super-delicious gravy! put it on the bottom like sauce, and then a little move over top when it comes out of the oven... PERFECT! will definitely be making this one again :)

Antoine. Colby. Trotter. Adair.

Are the Upright Citizens Brigade.

I second the call for wallpaper of the pizza in the oven!!

ai canz awlmost smellz it!!

totally jealous of your brick oven

Your pizzas look so poifect! My oven just does not cut it : ( Have you guys tried a Vegemite & cheese pizza before? I dare you to give it a shot : ) You have to atleast make one Aussie pizza...hehehe

Nice man. The pizza oven is awesome. Gravy pizza is one of those things that sounds gross... but I can see how it could work.

You give weeds a chance to grow in your oven, you ought to have your head checked man! With an oven like that I would be eating pizza 3 times a week (at least!), every week.

Was just forwarded this blog by a friend. My wife and I do pizza night about once a week. I'm jealous of the pizza oven, and when we move out to the burbs from NYC, we'll definitely be building one.

man awesome photos, great lookin pizza. i am a pizza master up until maving my own wood brick pizza oven like you. i am still pizza stone/ oven. you are my hero rock on!!!!!

Or as you say it in the colonies, a sausage in the mouth haha
Gotta love Arrested Development :))

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