Quick Bowtie Pasta

Today’s post is pretty short for a number of reasons. First being because you’ve already seen us make dishes similar to this before. Probably because we make stuff like this a lot. I call it “clean out your fridge pasta”. Second, i left my memory card at home this morning and this is the only post i have with me. Third, I am very busy working hard on the new website. The fourth and final reason is that it was a long tiring weekend and between that and a rough Monday… i am very tired and this is all i could muster, i will be back at it full force on Thursday ready to rock once again.

We roasted these peppers by charring them under the broiler and then removing the skin.

Cook the sausage and remove it.

Onions, Garlic, Roasted Peppers, Chopped Jalapenos, Can of Tomatoes, and Sausage

The pasta goes right in from the boiling water. That’s some Manchego cheese on top.

Se how the pasta got crispy in this picture. That’s what you want on some of the bowties.

Boil water
Roast Peppers
Cook Sausage
Remove sausage and most of the fat
Cook onions in remaining fat
Drop pasta
Add garlic and chopped jalapenos to onions
Add can of tomatoes
Add cooked sausage
Add roasted peppers
Add few tablespoons of cream
Add pasta
Add Cheese
Add Parsley

You can do this with whatever veggies and cheeses and herbs and meat you want!