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Planting Herbs


It's that time of year again. Well, it is for me at least! Yep it is a perfect time to start growing in Bermuda. This year we have some different plants. We are even trying to start a few herbs from seed. But the fruit I am most excited for, we didn't even plant! It's all natural growing wild in my back yard.

A quick side note. Some of you may know that I love Norm Macdonald. There was never a reason to mention him on a food blog though... UNTIL NOW!! Norm has officially been a part of the single greatest cooking segment on a talk show ever!! Congrats Norm! This doesn't seem to be making the rounds on food blogs yet, so here it is, check him out on Conan with Gordon Ramsay.

The landlord had some weird plants dying in these containers. I ripped them out to put in out basil and oregano.

Yea, I have a pink house... so what?

I'm mostly excited about the arugula, greens and cauliflower. No tomatoes this year because even though it was the best payoff, it was definitely a lot of work.

In a circle around the basil, we planted purple basil, so if that comes in, this will be decorative AND delicious.

It isn't very hard to grow herbs and I highly recommend anyone to try. You don't need a yard, you barely even need a porch! I've seen basil doing pretty well indoors next to a window.

Here are the bananas growing in my backyard that I am most excited for!

These bananas have been growing for almost 6 months! It takes about a year for them to become ripe and ready to eat. I cant wait! I hope no one poaches them.


You're planning on transplanting some of these, right? Because cauliflower get big, you know, as does chard, and that sage will grow into a hedge. But mint will spread everywhere, so that is best to keep contained.

hey, the picture with the pink house comment... at first glance it looks like you have a toilet in the yard as a planter! go back and look at it quickly.

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