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New Look!


The day is finally here. The new website is up! It's a few hours late because of DNS and nameservers and propagation and other big internet words, but you don't know how unbelievably proud I am to show you all this today.

Now before you go off checking out the new features, I want to explain a few things. First of all, this site is only about 90% done, but I had to put it up because I've held it off for too long. There will be more subtle changes in the coming weeks, but more importantly, if you see a broken link or missing picture, please email me and let me know so I can fix it! Do you guys know there is almost 5000 images on this website?? I do. Trust me, I do. You see, when I started this website, I didn't really think much of it, so I didn't do research on the best blogging software. I got an open source ASP.NET Blog engine because I thought it would help me with my web development career, I didn't really care about the content or anything like that. Flash forward a year, and I realize this software is compatible with NOTHING.

So check out the site! I would put links here, but I would rather you explore yourself. I will list the biggest changes. You can now log in to comment! You can still comment anonymously, but I think my loyal readers will be happy to make a login name so others can't steal their names on the site. Also the comment system is fixed, so no more errors and lost comments. I have added a section of my favorite basic recipes that I often use within other recipes. This is so I can link them easily and not have to repeat myself. That is up at the top under stubble. I think you will also notice general ease of use. There are way more tags, so the categories section will be easier and hopefully more fun to navigate. I also got a google search, and an automatically updating recipe index (cause we all know how often I updated the old one)

Lastly and most amazingly and obviously, is the incredible layout and new drawings!!!! My old site was starting to look a bit.... Retro? I can't thank the design team enough. Rich for the great artwork, and especially Kim for staying at work after hours listening to me tell her that her hard work was not what I wanted and that she would have to start over! I couldn't have done it without you! Also thanks to nick, the "anonymous lurker" who helped me with the server admin and linux stuff. So what do you guys think? Try out the new commenting system by putting gushing compliments below!


Very nice layout. I'm impressed ;) I can see all the work that went into this. I've tried using html and such and it came out horrible. So great job. I'm also happy I get the first comment on the new layout. I do have to say the picture of you at the top looks a little demonic :)

Congratulations, Dan! It's looking great and I'm happy to have helped with the design/art. Kim, you're so dedicated and awesome at this stuff!

Looking forward to all new posts on this all new designed site to keep me hungry here at work...

Amy # 2, yea, he does look kinda demonic, doesn't he? I made his messy hair a little spikey so it looks like horns (not on purpose), and his glaring eyes add to it. Haha.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! It looks so great! Congrats :)

I really like the new picture, it's kind of weird how much it looks like you!

site looks great dan!

I love the new look.. is it me or are your pictures cleared? It looks more food pornographic then on the old site... maybe it's the new background...

I mean clearer... TGIF...

YAY! It's finally up! Great job guys! Exclamation!

Richie, I commented on the creepy eye to Dan before. It's grown on me...he looks sketchy but equally as awesome. Haha. :-)

I'm glad everyone likes it! We worked so hard!

maybe i'll finally be able to get some sleep, go outside and stop dreaming about hypertext markup language.

As much as I hate to admit me, the new site looks awesome. I always wondered what the story was behind your ASP.NET structure.

Not that it was bad before, but the posts are A LOT more readable in this template I think which is awesome.

I'm gonna have to kick my game up a notch to keep this rivalry close.

Cheers man,

Absolutely beautiful. You have all worked so hard, great job everyone!


yay the new site rules! guys, the hard work has totally paid off. im excited to see the finishing touches as they are revealed :) i love the egg and avocado and stuff on the counter at the top, very cool!

Love it guys, Congrats and great job!!

Great job, much nicer and I love the stubble category! That's cute!

Awww i think my comment got lost! Now i can't fully remember what i wrote. Anyways, well done on the new website, i have such a soft spot for you guys! You did an awesome job.

Good post mate!! Keep 'em flowing!

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