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Last Restaurant Standing - Don't Order the Crispy Pork Salad!


"I am very happy with the gusto that you attacked this pig with, Momma Blanc would be proud" - Raymond

The theme of this episode was no waste. To show the couples a quick demo of how not to waste, Raymond has a very expensive fish, a Sea Bream in front of him. He chops it up showing the couples areas of this fish that most people would waste. Towards the end he starts beating on the fish with his knife and splashes Sarah with some fish juice! She jumps out of the way covering her face. After this demo, Raymond tells the couples to go to their restaurants where they will be receiving a present from him.

The gift from Raymond turns out to be half of a pig and a butcher to do the dirty work. Raymond wants the couples to minimize waste and try to use everything from hoof to snout. Apparently most people first thought was brawn, a jellied pork head terrine. I think this is a British thing and that's why everyone thought of it so quickly. Sarah said she tasted many that night and for that, I do not envy her. Here are my thoughts on each of the couples.

Lindsie and Tim of "True Provenance" were not shown very much this episode. The main issue they had was that Lindsie was grossed out by the pigs head terrine and was not doing a very good job promoting it at the front of house. Because of her description that included words like ears, brains and cheeks and funny facial expressions, not one person ordered the dish. We never got to hear how it actually tasted, because Sarah ate it silently, and Raymond never mentioned it. This team is safe next week and will not be in the challenge.

Helen and Stephen were also not fully shown tonight. Helen was a bit freaked out when they got the pig with its face attached, saying she would rather put her own head in the oven than his. Really Helen? Anyway, Stephen gave her a stern "Stop Huffin about it" and she shaped up for the rest of the day. "Nel's" had the most profit of all the restaurants.

"The Welsh Wok" with Laura and Peter did much better this week than they did at their first service, but they still had a few humorous incidents. One was peter sneaking his pork into every dish while Laura was trying to book vegetarians. Peter told her to call them back and cancel. Later we see Peter burn some huge piece of pork. When the inspector comes, the kitchen is a mess and everyone is yelling. Peter's sous chef has taken over and is literally pushing Peter aside. The inspector goes to his table and there is a laptop and printer hooked up and sitting on the floor behind his chair looking wicked messy. Peters plan to not waste pork was to give people obscenely huge portions. Raymond was still fairly happy with this team despite all of these issues. He said they had the least waste at 37% (do the burnt chunks count?)

Russell and Michele's "Cheerful Soul" was the winning restaurant this week. We barely got to see them though! Other than some worrying about a veg shipment not showing up, this couple was MIA the whole episode. At judging, Sarah said they made the "best brawn she had tasted that night, and believe me she had tasted a lot." Sarah is a connoisseur of jellied pigs head.

Now for the bottom 3 challenge couples!

I'm pretty sure Chris is the long lost son of Martin from last season.

Caroline and Chris thought they had a great plan at "Ray White's" this week. Chris put "Crispy Pork Salad" on the menu as an appetizer. This salad consisted of fried pigs lungs, heart, and brain. The worst thing was that he didn't tell people what he was serving them. The rest of his food was deemed to be under salted and pretty bland. Raymond says he can teach his palate to a certain level, but if you don't have a good palate naturally, you can't be a chef. For this reason, and for betraying their customers, they will be in the challenge.

Alasdair and James struggled this week at "The Gallery." The food was excellent as always, but they had other troubles. Alasdair can't get used to his front of house position. He is having trouble marketing the restaurant, but is he even trying? They show him outside by the road trying to wave down non-existent cars. They only served 4 tables all night, yet he still sort of flips out half way through the evening pulling some "how many times do I have to tell you" type stuff on his staff. Raymond tells them they need to be more of a team and for that, they will be in the challenge.

What are we going to do with Mike at the "Blue Goose?" Poor Harriet is doing well in the kitchen and Mike just keeps messing up. He spends what seems like a while making these terrible flyers. They are not centered, small lettering, and have rough edges from where he cut them with a bread knife! He then goes out and hands out 10 and totally gives up. Later on at service, his welcome line is "come join the madness." He decides to make an order by number system for the pork specials and tells the waitresses 100 times "Make sure you put down the number only!" Then Poor Harriet in the kitchen gets all these slips with numbers and no one told her what they meant! Then as people are leaving mikes all like "Yeaaaaa..... Were you guys gonna leave a tip at all? Or is this money you put down on the table with the bill that is the exact amount of the bill all you were gonna leave?" and the people said "I think we were VERY fair" Later at judging, Poor Harriet stands up for her dad. Ray says SHE has passion and a dream, but HE is just here to win a contest. I don't think he is here for Bret you guys! Ray then asks Mike point blank if he feels that he let down his daughter and his reply is "Let down is a strong word" As we all expect, "The Blue Goose" is in the challenge for the second time in a row.

Who do you guys want to see eliminated? I kinda want Caroline and Chris out. Lets give Poor Harriet another chance! Any other comments about this episode?


i thought it was pretty funny how chris was giggling to himself before he got judged by raymond. almost like he was proud of how he was able to trick all his customers into eating parts of the pig they wouldnt have had he told them what it was. raymond was like "what a sinister laugh like you have done an evil thing" lol

i also wanna see harriet stick around for a bit. i have faith that her dad can pull it together!

im just happy they all made "momma blanc" proud haha i died when he said that!

The crispy pork salad looked like turds on some greens. But oddly enough, because it was pig and crispy and because I like chicken hearts and have never had brains, I was strangely intrigued and wanted to try it.

Bourdain loves head cheese.

Chris was a total goober when they were interviewing him.

Yeah, I could see Chris and Caroline go too. That was WAY wrong to deceive their customers and they thought it was so clever.

I like Harriet also and she kinda came out of her shell this week. But, that dad of hers really gets under my skin. I can not believe how rude he is to his staff and especially his customers. I can't even begin to imagine asking a customer if that was all they intended to pay or asking them to pay for drinks after receiving no food.

I don't get Alasdair yet. He had a massive hissy fit and only four tables to take care of. Huh?

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