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Pom-Chocolate Truffles


Chocolate Truffles are the non-bakers friend! Around this time of year when friends come over, there is almost the expectation of freshly baked cookies cooling on the windowsill. Well I am no baker, so what do I have to offer? Mandi loves chocolate truffles and they are super easy to make. Just make a quick ganache, (fancy word for chocolate and cream) roll it into balls, and cover with cocoa powder. Your friends will love them. Last minute, we decided to put a little surprise inside.

Here is the ganache. Just some cream and chocolate over a home made double boiler. More cream if you want it lighter and gooeyer, less if you want it darker and harder.

Salt is always a nice touch in chocolate. Just a pinch!

She used some dark, and some milk chocolate.

A splash of balsamic is nice in truffles as well. Giada taught us this. Anyways let this cool for a few hours till its hardened a bit. The pictures tell the rest.

Just cocoa powder.

These were supposed to be dessert, but were gone before the appetizer!!


i wanna make truffles with my sister this weekend when i go home for christmas so we can bring them to our family's house with cookies etc... Does anyone have any fun ideas for different kinds that we can make in addition to this one? ive only ever made just normal chocolate ones rolled in cocoa powder. this time the pomegranates inside was a fun idea and tasted great. any ideas for other things to roll up in there? maybe something different to roll the balls in besides cocoa powder? i saw someone roll them in chocolate sprinkles this weekend on food network but cant remember who. Anyway… any fun truffle ideas?!? Ange what was that one you were saying you made with the oreos???

...everything white chocolate!!!



Peanut butter of course! I recall my Mom also using powdered sugar and cinamon cocoa when she made hers. I think you should add some ancho or chili powder to your cocoa...yum!

sister- the truffles I made last weekend were eaten at work yesterday in like 1/2 hour. They were sooo yummm & easy too!
They are called Kraft Easy Oreo Truffles (aka Easy for Angela). Crush up a bag of Oreo's and divide in 1/2. Mix with 1 pkg. of cream cheese and roll into 36 balls. Dip balls in melted chocolate (with about 10 pieces of Andes mints (these are your favorite I know sister :-) Then sprinkle 1/2 of the left over crushed oreos ontop, then throw in the fridge.....and voila!

sister- you will have to make those yummy looking pom chocolate truffles when you get home too! :-) can't wait ta see you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the way you did this roller chocolate. I think was really amazing and sure delicious too, but the most important is very easy to make, and doesn't take mush time too. I'm going to give it a try.
I really thank you.

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