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Ice Luge?


In keeping with the college theme of our party this past Friday, we made an Ice Luge! Do you know what an Ice Luge is? I am ashamed to say that I do. It is a block of ice with a path (usually 2) running down it. You pour alcohol into the top and stand by at the bottom to receive the ice cold liquid. This Ice Luge is more of a gimmick. It still worked, but it was much smaller than what you would see at a frat party. I just wanted to have it as a joke and memory of college. The fact that it worked well and people used it during the night only made my efforts more worth it.

All I did was freeze water in my baking dish, then chisel into it.

The water froze with a big bump in the middle, but it's ok because I am not going for prettiness here.

General path I was going for.

Finally took it out of the mold as the bottom warmed up a bit. Run it under warm water to speed this part up.

I screwed two screws into a piece of wood I had laying around. I then wet this wood and also made 2 small holes on the bottom of the ice. I shoved the ice onto the screws so it would stay put when I tilted it to take shots from. Then I put the whole thing in the freezer overnight so it would be fully attached.  I kept it in the freezer for most of the party and pulled it out a few times when people wanted to use it.

WOOOOOOOOOO!!! COLLEGE! Ahh the memories.


Bummer you couldn't get any pictures! I know there are some of me and Dimitri, the birthday peps. I don't think any of us even know this girl's name haha. But hey, I guess that's what college really was all about.

Don't be ashamed! We had two ice luges at our company party in 2001 and I competed against our CEO, who had a net worth of over $400MM. Proud.

I'm sure mom is very proud that she sent out emails and called extended family last week so that all of our great aunts could see them selves on the blog. hopefully the excitement of the blog wore off for them when the jello shots came around. Or hey, maybe they will want you to build them an Ice luge for christmas!

lets get grandma on the ice luge after Christmas dinner

HAHAHAHA what an invention! I've never seen anything like it. Would your tongue get stuck to the ice?

I think that myth was busted on Mythbusters (when they were testing myths from movies) - I'm not sure though.

at least on ice luges your tongue doesn't stick - only germs...

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