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Green Curry Soup (Again)


We made green curry soup a few times before, and even posted it once, but I was never that happy with the final outcome. Sometimes the broth was delicious, but didn't match well with the wontons. Other times the broth was a bit too thick and rich and could have just been curry sauce and not soup. I wasn't going to post this since we did something like it already, but it came out so great that I had to let you guys know! If you want to make green curry soup, make this one, and not the old one.

Mandi is building the curry paste. This is garlic, ginger, cumin, salt, and pepper.

Here she added some coriander and Thai green chiles.

This is after adding some cilantro. Normally we put basil and lemongrass and a few more ingredients in green curry, but this is a simplified one for the soup.

Ground pork, green onions, salt and pepper for dumplings.

Salt, pepper, and a little flour dusting.


Swiss Chard.

Fry the paste in a hot pan.

Add hot chicken stock to it. No coconut milk. It made it too rich last time.

These just have the pork and green onion mixture in them. We saved a few chard leaves to hold them.

We had a bunch extra dumplings! These were great the next day with some of the broth.


Cube and dust with salt pepper and flour. Fry at very hot temperature on all sides.

Just ground pork, green onions, salt, and pepper in wonton wrappers steamed.

Fry paste in pan, add hot chicken stock. Add chopped chard and fried tofu. Soup is put into bowl containing wontons.  Wow that's easy!


i love how the swiss chard gave the broth such a pretty red tint!

marina, i clicked on your link today and saw some of your pictures.. i saw the koala bear and i just love him to death! youre right he does look like such a little badass! haha i made him my desktop background at work cause he makes me smile!

Hahaha who knew a koala could be so badass?! I thought they didn't have it in them but turns out they do. I have one of Dan's wallpaper creations on my desktop, my mum thinks im crazy to have food as a theme hehehe.

This soup looks quite festive. If we had a winter Christmas over here it would go down really well. It looks like a soup that would bring a family closer. The soup just looks so cozy! : )

I Stumbled onto your site and I've been checking out all the recipes for the last half hour. I think this, and the marshmallow cake are probably my favorite.

Great site! I'm gonna go back to reading and drooling some more!

Looks fantastic!
Combines 2 of my favs, green curry and soup.
Ingredient amounts?

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