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Alternative Thanksgiving


Says Mandi:

This thanksgiving while Dan was off making tortellini and no doubt getting rowdy with his high school friends, I was here on the island. even though Thanksgiving isn't officially a holiday here me and a couple Americans friends took the day off to celebrate as we should. drinking, cooking, and watching the parade (what we got up in time to catch that is!) since we were all going to be going to a coworker's house the following night for a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner, we wanted to make our Thursday night dinner a little funky and different so we wouldn't have the same meal two nights in a row. Since Sarah's roommates are Canadian and Scottish this was their very first American Thanksgiving! and even though it wasn't traditional, it sure was yummy and a fun way to mix it up a bit with the normal Thanksgiving spread!

This isn't a full Mandi post. It's still me (Dan) commenting after the pictures. With limited knowledge of what they made haha. This isn't a real recipe post, more of just an idea post.

Ok so I think this is meatballs made with the filling from our Thanksgiving ravioli we made a few weeks back. The turkey cranberry one.

This is dough made from potatoes, flour, garlic, and some unidentified green stuff (Mand?). This was used to make garlic mash gnocchi. Yum.

Just like the Thanksgiving ravioli we made, this sweet potato basil mixture was stuffed into wonton wrappers. They deep fried them this time though.

Amy making cream spinach.

Mandi making funny faces. And gnocchi.

They put people to work stuffing wontons.

Looks good guys. Who made the stuffing?  I think the sauce on the gnocchi is the gravy from the Thanksgiving ravioli post again. (yes, 3 links to the same post...)

This is the only pic where you can see those deep fried sweet potato basil wontons.

Looks fun guys! Can you comment and fill in some gaps for me? Maybe a link?


dan that was parsley in the garlic mashed potato gnocchi... so it was turkey cran raviolis, garlic mashed potato gnocchi, sweet potato basil fried wontons, creamed spinach with parsnips, cornbread stuffing, a simple gravy and carla topped it all off with some very yummy pies! Great dinner ladies and good fun!

Dan thanks for putting this up there this is great! I made the stuffing actualy! With of course some help from Mandi! What a delic dinner we had!

Hmmm....What an interesting 'alternative' Thanksgiving. I've moved to the UK(England) with my hubby and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here either. Which is FINE with me actually-(3 major celebratory holidays in three months was always a bit OTT if you ask me)-but it seems a shame to just let the day go by without SOME kind of a nod to it by me!!
Yours is the first foodie blog from a male POV I've run across. VERY interesting. I think I'll add you to my blogroll.

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