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2008 in review


Seems like every blog is doing something like this, and here I am to jump on the bandwagon! First are my recaps, then Mandi has written a little something about her fave posts of the year. Hope everyone has a good new year and I will be back next week with some great pictures and food!

first comes my top 10 DELICIOUS posts.

1. Pork Belly Mac and Cheese
2. Short Rib Tagliatelle
3. Guiness Braised Short Ribs - Wow the top 3 are slow braised meat!
4. Sushi - I was impressed with how easy and tasty it was.
5. Thai "spaghetti and meatballs"
6. Lamb Vindaloo
7. Seared Tuna Taco
8. Fake Dim Sum
9. Chicken Gyro
10. Cheesesteaks

These are my favorite posts all around that may not have been as tasty.

1. Pizza Week - Well this is just as tasty I suppose, but pizza week was definitely my favorite time of year! the link goes to the best of pizza week, the brick oven.
2. Beastie boys food lyrics - took me awhile but was fun to do.
3. Banana Leaves - Not very tasty at all but a lot of fun to cook and write!
4. Big Burgers
5. Tortellini - a family tradition I was glad to share with everyone.
6. Gnocchi - fun experiment.
7. Tomato Bites
9. Chicken Tuscany - complete with retro pics of us making the recipe a few years ago.
10. Fancy Dinner party - If only for thoes crazy ravioli.
11. Happy Thanksgiving - It was fun to hear about everyone!

Here are the people's choice of top 10.

1. Pasttata - I'm still shocked by how many people have seen this in the past 2 weeks!
2. TV Chef Kitchen Quiz
3. Chicken Gyro
4. Breakfast Pile
5. Jello Shots - Congrats Mandi!
6. Gnocchi
7. Pizza Week - Toppings
8. Carbonara
9. Brick Oven
10. Pork Belly Mac and Cheese

Now here is a word from Mandi ----------------------------

Scanning through a year's worth of posts trying to narrow down my favorites was quite a difficult task. Sitting here now scrolling through all my favorites over the past year makes me reminiscent and happy. And pretty damn hungry too! I know seven is a weird number for a year-end countdown. But if you know me, then you probably know that i don't like even numbers. So here i present my top seven posts of 2008!

Two of my favorite foods are pizza and raviolis. My number one post of the year is a post which combined my love for pizza and raviolis into one truly fantastic dinner.
Leftover Pizza Ravioli

I know some people might mock me for putting tacos in my top posts. But you know what? They make me happy when I'm sad and when I'm happy already, well they make me even more happy. I think the amount of joy that tacos have brought me over the year merits a place on my list!

Dumplings to me are little steamed presents filled with joy. I also like the more traditional dumplings of ground pork and scallions. But this post made my top seven because it was dumplings with an Italian twist! And the fact that we ate them smothered in homemade sauce... well that definitely didn't hurt the situation.

This next post opened up a whole new world to me. When we started cooking Indian food I discovered how to take spices and magically transform them into something wonderful. Indian food to me celebrates spices like no other cuisine. And the naan... that pushes it all over the edge for me. With this post I was converted to a lover of Indian cuisine and i look forward to exploring their food more in the future!
Lamb Vindaloo

I love all birthdays. Especially my own. I love this post because it was such a fantastic day. With Richie and Kim up to visit us for the weekend we had one of my favorite days on the island. The pool party was stocked full of people I love and great food all gathered round a grill and a pool. Which is just about as good as it gets in my book.
Pool Party

This is one of my favorites because I think it was one of the coolest looking meals we ever made. The concept was so much fun. We had fun making it and fun eating it.
Thai "Spaghetti And Meatballs"

My 7th and final post of my countdown (countup?) is a meal that brought tears to my eyes. Literally. I dunno if that is weird but I don't care. The flavors were just so incredible that I thought I might die. And also i got to make lots of pastes which is my new favorite method of ingredient prep so it was not only a fantastic tasting meal, it was fun to make too!
Chimichurri Flank Steak and Paella Style Rice

Ok we're done for now. See you next year!! Until then, what was your favorite post of the year?


Hi Dan and Mandi- I've been following your blog for a couple months and I'm always impressed at the lengths you will go to to try a new recipe. Thanks for making new recipes approachable and funny, I love all your inventive ideas.
I think my favorite post was the sushi one. Wait, maybe the gnocchi. that was really impressive.

I'm glad I got to be part of the countdown post!
That was one of my top days of my life! Let alone, your birthday vacation weekend, Mandi!

Hmmm, top posts for me would have to be the Leftover Pizza Raviolis (I'm still dying to try to make them) and the Carbonara (I'm still dying to try this for real this time heheh)...

Happy New Year everyone!

So, I just went through all of the posts and realized i have 3 more in my top 5 of the year... I couldn't decide on just 1.

Leftover Pizza Raviolis (Sooo awesome looking)
Carbonara (I'm gonna make it for real one day)
Green Curry Soup (I want to make this so bad)
Cheesesteaks (Mandi, they are the best... I made them exactly like you said)
Pork Belly mac and Cheese (your homemade mac and cheese is so good)

Those are my top 5, in no particular order...

So, I just went through all of the posts and realized i have 3 more in my top 5 of the year... I couldn't decide on just 1.

Leftover Pizza Raviolis (Sooo awesome looking)
Carbonara (I'm gonna make it for real one day)
Green Curry Soup (I want to make this so bad)
Cheesesteaks (Mandi, they are the best... I made them exactly like you said)
Pork Belly mac and Cheese (your homemade mac and cheese is so good)

Those are my top 5, in no particular order...

The pool party birthday was such an amazing day! One of my top days in Bermuda of all the 7 years I've lived here. It was one day sooner than expected and in place of a boat outing that we were originally so bummed to miss... but we mixed up the crowd a bit and everyone meshed so well and it was awesome. We threw the food together with no particular recipes and just hung out enjoying the fantastic summertime that is Bermuda. I always say that the best times are had on a whim and never as planned, if planned at all. Ahhh....I don't know how your future birthdays will compare to this, Mandi. But we shall try to pay tribute each year.

I also love the secret beach post (which is not mentioned at all above). Maybe the food wasn't anything to rave about, and since this is a food blog, I understand. But I just love it because that was another absolutely amazing day with fantastic people but also a look into what summer can be on this beautiful little island. It's a small peek into our world that makes me remember why I still live here....and my best friend was in town, who can make me happier than anyone on this planet.

Looking forward to what 2009 brings. All the best, everyone!

FRANKENBURGER! I forgot it's name and wonder how could i forget a name like that?! It was definitely one of my favorite posts. Maybe because i have never seen anything like it...but i imagine it to taste like McDonalds breakfast or something of the like.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Dan & Mandi. It's a great way to begin my day to read your blog and see all the yummy food. It gets the cravings going too : )

Look forward to your 2009 posts : )

I would have to say 'fish in a bag' ranks pretty high with me, and im dissapointed to see that its in no ones list. It may not be as wild or daring as the rest, but for a meal to be that simple and that fast (not to mention sooooo damn tasty) it should be recognized. Mind you this is coming from someone "doesnt really like fish". Lets just say 'fish in a bag' changed my mind.

Excuse me, but the tortellini post should be part of the best tasting ,as well as a favorite. It is actually one of my favorites all around. Happy New Year everyone!!

It's been a good year for you - I've enjoyed reading your articles as soon as they come out! I admire your attitude towards food and the way in which you present it.

I'm currently writing my shopping list for Guinness Braised Short-Ribs, which is going to be our first meal of the new year.

Thank you for writing this blog, good luck for the new year.

Wow, you have some hate on the pastatta post. I guess that's means you're coming up in the world, Danny boy! BTW- I did make it for Boxing Day and it was foodtastic! I used whole wheat pasta in a futile effort to be more healthy...of course that was entirely negated with all the cheese, pancetta, sausage and butter involved haha.
Happy New Year!

I really loved Pizza Week, but I think the steamed dumpling post was my favorite. Oh, or the pretzels. Mmmmm Mustard....

i'm kinda addicted to this place. Oh and i've nominated your pizza week for best food post, but there may be other categories for you guys to gang up in:

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