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Happy Thanksgiving


This morning instead of my regular post I just wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all TFimB friends and fans. Today I am heading home for the holiday and won't be updating the site for a week! I know you may be struggling with how you will deal with this absence but I will be coming back soon with some great holiday posts ready to go! But before I head off to the cold northeast I have a few points to note. First off, join my facebook group! I don't have a facebook account personally because obviously I am way too super-cool to be bothered. But some people have been asking about it for the site and since I am a man of the people... voila facebook! The second point I wanted to mention was to let everyone know about the exciting changes that will be coming in the next few months. I am in the process of updating the whole backend of the site and hope to have it completed by our one-year anniversary in January. I will be updating things like sign-in, layout, as well as fixing the problems we've been having with comments. If you've had problems leaving comments... sorry! But please don't give up! All will be fixed come January. I promise.

The third and final point for today is more of a question really. Who's out there? I want to get to know you and you to get to know each other. So I thought, in keeping with the holiday spirit we could all share a little about ourselves. To my friends who check the website, maybe mention how you know me, where you work/live, or if you don't wanna share personal stuff, share whatever! To those of you out there I don't know, introduce yourself. Plug your website if you want. Basically tell me whatever you want! What's your fave food? Who's your favorite food celebrity? What Thanksgiving dish are you most pumped for this year?

Ok! I'm off. Only the coolest blogs take Thanksgiving off. like Gossip Girl... and me.

Until next week upper east siders


Yo, I'm First...

I met Dan at Bentley and have been friends with him since Freshman year, and lived with him the next 3 years. We will kill anyone in Beerpong (Beirut technically, but we will kill you seriously). I'm sort of like Mandi, only not his girlfriend, and I live in Boston with my older sister, her husband, and their stupid cat. We're definitely cooking/food enthusiasts, which is why Dan's blog is cool to me, but I'm not as obsessed and crazy as Dan and Mandi are with cooking/food. I am more obsessed with comics/fine art/painting/drawing/flash animation/computer and digital art/facial hair/bla bla... hence my website - - go there, it's fun.
I don't have favorite food celebrities, and I actually think Thanksgiving is the worst Holiday because it's boring and I want to go snowboarding, not sit at a family dinner.
My favorite Thanksgiving dish is probably the stuffing and a well-cooked Turkey with fresh cranberry sauce (non of that canned stuff). Welp, that's all. Now you know me, too.
Hi fellow TFIMB friends/readers.

I can’t believe you claimed to be too cool for Facebook and then made a gossip girl reference all in the same post... hehe really Dan?!?

I’m Mandi and I live here in Bermuda with Dan. Regulars to the site already know that I’m from Philly originally and then up to Boston where we went to college and then lived with Richie. My favorite food is pizza cause there’s just so many wonderful possibilities for that beautiful little disc. I also love tacos. And pasta. Dumplings. Soup. Pretzels. Pretty much I just love food I guess!

My favorite food celebrity right now is Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli and her new show, The Cooking Loft. Which is funny because the first time I saw her as a judge on Iron Chef she annoyed the crap outa me! But she has a love and passion for food that just gets me so excited! Watching her show makes me wanna cook no matter what she’s making. I think the best food people give me the desire to cook just like I think the best writers make me wanna write. Anyway, I like her and of course always love for the old classics like Giada who got us started cooking with her on Everyday Italian and Jamie Oliver who also seems crazy and passionate about food to me on all his shows.

This Thanksgiving I’m excited to make garlic mashed potato gnocchi which Sarah and me invented (I think?) and also excited to make stuffing from scratch for the first time ever! I’m sad that I cant spend thanksgiving with Dan and his awesome family this year and that I will miss the thanksgiving challenge... but I’m excited for two thanksgiving dinners here on the Island and cant wait to see all you guys for Christmas!!!

Hello! I know Dan from High School, and was lucky enough to stay friends with him throughout College when he met Mandi. Their love affair with food started many years ago and I used to travel up from Rhode Island to Boston to be a part of their dinner parties. One of my favorites was Groundhogs Day when Mandi made cute cupcakes and put up facts all over the apartment. Haha. Dan also got me into onions in my salad. The combination of mozz, tomato and onion in a bite. Mmm.

I'm from Massachusetts and I work for Kittredge Equipment who just so happens to distribute food service equipment and supplies. Anytime I get free samples they are sent their way. Actually, good ole Betty(?) the Kitchenaid mixer (is that her name Mand? I forgot :-)) was purchased from us. Our website sucks (a work in progress), but we have a huge showroom if you are ever in the area and want to check us out!

Glad to see so many fans starting to leave comments!

I'm happy you are upgrading, I tried to post this morning and I just looked back and I wasn't on here! :-)

I guess it's my turn. Well, I thank my parents and grandmothers for starting my love of food when I was just a wee sprout. They made everything from scratch. I didn't even realize you could make cookies or cakes from a box or chicken stock came in cans. I was eating raw oysters and sushi by age 3. My parents would laugh at restaurant hostesses who would grab the kid's menu upon seating us. "She won't eat that stuff," Dad would politely say, while frowning and rubbing his back pocket containing his wallet. See, I was brainwashed as a child. When Mom remarried and we became a family of 5 when I was 4, my new brothers were baffled that I never snacked on junk food. (Their favorite dinner was something called beanie weanies.) My favorite afternoon snack was broccoli that was lovingly left on the bottom shelf of the fridge for me, next to the carrot sticks soaking in sugar water. I promptly responded to my brother, "If I have cookies or soda, then my teeth will rot out and I won't be able to eat broccoli!" (True story) Thanks, Mom.

My favorite food has been Korean since I can remember. Dan and Mandi are totally bored with hearing me talk about it all the time. But hopefully we will have a Korean night and it will show up on the blog early next year and they will understand my love of it. Hopefully I can do it justice.

I work with Mandi here in Bermuda, so it didn't take long for us to discover our shared passions. I guess I have to take Dan with Mandi…prepackaged deal. ;-)

I'm Sarah. I live in CA with my boyfriend Sean and our dog, Frank the pug. We love food, and I have a food blog too, but it's not real fancy, technical or regularly updated like TFIMB. I really enjoy reading about Dan and Mandi's cooking adventures, and the last post about braciole has been sitting on my browser making me drool since yesterday. I'm threatening to cancel our turkey day plans just to make it! I work at the best brewery in the world, and in my free time I experiment in the kitchen. I'm on my way this morning to a local bakery to ask for some of their sourdough starter because my last experiment with starter did not go well. I also regularly tinker with my pizza recipe, I can and pickle tons of stuff (kimchi is one of my favorite fermented items, besides obviously barley and hops,) and I'm learning to bake stuff (a kitchen scale greatly helps!) I wish you guys lived closer and we could share a beer. Thanks for the inspiration and cheers!

Hello everyone-

I met the dynamic duo senior year at Bentley when Mand and I lived together in our fabulous apt. Post-college we lived down the street together and that's when the dinner parties started! Although, their stuffed peppers outshone, 329 Summit's nachos & beer...ha (Dan has a post about it!)

I am a total carnivore and wicked excited to try your pork belly mac n cheese post since I still haven't gotten around to it. Thus, favorite food is pretty much any meat product. Favorite food celeb/cookbook is barefoot contessa at home - all your favorite basic meals dialed up in an zingy way. most hated celeb - tom collichio - that guy totally rubs me the wrong way on top chef...

Just finished my basics cooking adult ed class and have all the right techniques down. i loved a 'green onion lily soup' which i'll be making on t-day with sausage bread for apps. YUM. Speaking of T-day, i'm most thankful for all my wonderful friends - without their support, i would have been completely lost this year...u are all amazing! ...and i can say dave (bf) is thankful for this blog since i've dialed up my cooking at home ;)

Dan - what are you doing Sat night (post-Tday)? I'm trying to hit up Springfield and get my kareokee on - you should join ;)

Happy holidays everyone! Mand/Dan, hope to see you soon! xoxo, LA

I Love Pugs and your star tattoos, Sarah.

My favorite food is Thai or Mexican and I love beer and snowboarding (I forgot to mention those 4 things in my original post).

I'm having a Mexican dinner party with some friends Friday night after Thanksgiving, which I'm more excited for than Thanksgiving... heh

Happy Thanksgiving and long weekend everyone.

Living across the hall from me my freshman year at Bentley, Mandi had many opportunities to save me from my crazy roommate. She then became my roommate sophomore and junior year, and while we didn't have the ability to cook in our dorms, she and Dan would both amaze me without fail every time we took a trip to the cafeteria. If you think the blog is impressive, you can't even imagine what these two are able to do with mass-produced food from a college caf.

Does anyone remember when 4 of us lived together in a 1 bedroom apartment? Cooking abilities started to shine there, but it wasn't until normal living situations allowed for Laura and I got to enjoy the real dinner parties.

I didn't realize how much I liked cooking until I lived on my own. Now I'm impressed at the fact that Mandi and Dan are able to cook boyfriend and I have learned that we both love to cook, but our kitchen does not work well with both of us in there!

Very excited for Thanksgiving...I'm in charge of the stuffed mushrooms, cranberry and brie puff pastries, stuffing, and creamed onions this year. Have to do it on a tight schedule since I'm running a 5 mile road race that morning, so things could get interesting since I had to go with more simple recipes than I'm used to.

Can't wait for the posts when you get back...happy holidays!

Hello TFimB-ers! I'm Kim...part of the wonderful 'design team' Dan is so nice to mention on the site. I'm a web designer for the Museum of Science and I'm so pumped to help update the site soon! The tech updates will help support a sweet new layout and hopefully add some more street cred' to Dan and Mandi's awesome culinary skills.

I've known Dan since I was a wee child. Our dad's were good friends in High School. We fell out of touch when we were in school, but re-connected when friends of ours started dating. Then I moved to Boston, and Dan and Mandi (The easy-going people that they are) helped me adjust to my new city. They invited me over for bashes, impromptu dinner parties, and even just to watch Weeds. They introduced me to their friends, who are now some of my best friends too. So basically, I love them to death and probably owe them.

Yay Thanksgiving! Yay Friends! Yay Stuffing and Gravy!

I just started thinking about that apartment and I think my best memory was Dan's excitement when he realized there was potential for him to be able to grill from his bedroom window. It was like that in itself completely overshadowed the fact that he was about to move in with 3 girls. I guess I should have known then that he'd become such a foodie!

haha oh man dicicco i tell people now that i used to live in a one bedroom apartment with three other people and they think i’m crazy. which I guess we were/are? nothin finer than grilling out your bedroom window right dan... just don’t fall over the ledge like our upstairs neighbors!

and also, learning how to cook together without startin a war can be tough! me and dan have learned to stick to our kitchen roles as much as possible. i have things that im in charge of and he has his stuff. this is a good way to avoid many arguments especially when you are both always right! another good tip is to have one person kinda “in control” of each meal. if the meal was my idea than i get to call the shots and vice-versa. gotta have a leader and a soux chef each time or there will be chaos!!!

Hello! I'm Alex and I think TFimB is a great blog! I'm relatively new to the food blogosphere myself, though I was a fan long before I became an active participant. I'm a 20 year-old-college student who normally resides in Portland, OR but I'm currently in the last few weeks of my study abroad semester in Santiago, Chile.

Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving, I'll be down here celebrating with my fellow study abroad kids in 90 degree heat! Yay!

Keep up the good work Dan (and Mandi), looking forward to more great food!

Hi, I'm Amy #2 lol. I have been reading your blog a while and love it. I mostly lurk though :) I think it's great that you make so many things from scratch. I would do that more if I had the time. I actually thought of making my own cooking blog, but I haven't yet. I normally read you at work. I have a huge file of cooking blogs in my bookmarks that I read every day while at work and yours is the first one I visit in the morning.

My favorite food has to be sushi - specifically Philadelphia rolls. Actually I like anything Asian :) My favorite food celebrity would have to be Tyler Florence and Masaharu Morimoto. I can not stand Bobby Flay. Ever since he stood on that cutting board in that one Iron Chef episode I have disliked him.

The main thanksgiving dish that everyone looks to me for is my sweet potato casserole dish. You know the one with marshmallows, brown sugar, and maple syrup. This year I'm making it three times in one week for various Thanksgiving festivities.

Anyways, that's me. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Hi everyone!

Im dans sister, and (I would like to think) the person whos really behind all his cooking, since I used to always get him to make me breakfast or lunch by telling him his quesadillas or omelets always come out better (it still works). Any way I live in Salem Ma with my new puppy strummer, and my boyfriend matt. I love to cook as often as I can because, just as dan says its really hard to eat prego when your really used to moms home cookin! (it also helps that matts not used to home cooking, so everything I make is "the best ever")

my favorite foods would have to be anything covered in cheese or salsa or both. as for thanksgiving, im looking forward to grandmas meat stuffing and the regular stuffing yum!

Mandi, im so sad you wont be around for thanksgiving, we need your little sausage fingers ( i mean that in the most loving of ways) to help with the tortillinis!

enjoy the holidays!!!!!!

Amy #2 - i'm making the sweet potato casserole dish as well! EXCELLENT choice - everyone needs something sweet like that at the dinner table ;) Enjoy!

I'm Amber, and I read your blog at work, too. I love the pictures and such. I live in NC and LOVE to both eat and cook. Your Pizza Week was what got me started on your blog and I maintain that it contains your best posts.

For Thanksgiving I'm with the family and making pumpkin pie, apple pie, and flourless chocolate cake. We have a friend who eats with us who is gluten intolerant, so we lie and say it's for her. It's freaking amazing.

I don't have a TV so I don't have a favorite food celebrity, but I can tell you that my least favorite is Sandra Lee. That Semi-Homeade junk looks completely unappatizing.

Happy gorging!

Hi everyone, I'm Mom, Dan, Al and Jo's (who's still at home) and Mandi's home away from home. Its really fun for me to see Dan and Mandi's cooking creativity. Who knew? I have to say I am more than a little impressed with all they do ( and as mom, I have to say proud!). Mandi, we will miss you more than a little this weekend. Who will Pappa tell his stories to again and again? Who will be there to talk Dan out of making that special tortellini (peppermint, peanut butter or...)?

Although the food can never be beat at our family gatherings, my favorite part is having everyone home, family and friends. Hope to see you all during the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm making Churros tonight...they are going to be amazing. I naturally thought of you...

How long are you home for snitch?

I'm Jimmy and found this blog through TasteSpotting a few months ago. The pizza week got me really hooked, but in general I find that our tastes are pretty similar.

I appreciate the amount of work you put into your site, and I like how you take so many photos along the way. I know it can be tough to do that sometimes.

Have a great one,


Hi there --

I'm like Jimmy -- found you through tastespotting and then was desperately wishing I was at your pizza party! I love your writing and all the photos, and am still working my way through some of the archives.

Thanks so much for all the work you put into the site!

Hi I'm Kristin, and I've known Dan since Jr. High. When he had a green afro, yes a green afro, remember that Dan? I'll never forget seeing you at "Mt Tom Summer Slide" and my mom asking me who the guy with the funny hair was standing next to Kyle, and I to this day still describe you that way. Whenever I make a dish off of TFIMB and she asks where I got it I say, you know the guy with the green fro! Well, I love stealing your recipes off of here and since my husband thinks I all of a sudden learned how to cook, I look like quiet a good housewife. Which anyone who really knows me knows I'M NOT!! Keep up the tasty work, I'm always hungry.

Glad to hear from you all!!

Just checking in, I will be back making posts on Tuesday.

Marina, where are you???? PJ? Val?

I wrote mine and then I accidentally closed out of the browser.. I really shouldn't be working for a high tech company!

I'm Val and I was graced by seeing Dan in a speedo almost every day in college.. unfortunately he was graced with the same of me. Mandy, Dan and I went to college and I got to say Dan is dating up. :) I'm living in Mass... A mile away from Bentley.. I left to NJ and couldn't stay away.. or maybe it was because I picked NJ to move too.. my fave food to make is cupcakes... to eat it's probably my grandma's spaghetti and meatballs! And microbrews if that counts as eating. Some beers are thick...

My fave food celebrity is Alton Brown. I love the science by cooking and then understanding it helps me when I'm inventing. Well helps me by reducing my failure rate.

I hate thanksgiving dinner. I don't like squash or sweet potatoes and this was the third year in a row that stuffing ran out before it got to me!


I ran into your site via the gnocchi extravaganza, which I guess was featured on tastespotting? I think? It was definitely the gnocchi's that got my attention.

Favorite food -> Milk. No wait. Parmesan. No wait. Butter. Gah! ... I love dairy.

Favorite Food celeb -> Gotta give it to Alton. I My sweetie pie and I put together a gallon of burnt sugar ice cream as our exotic contribution to the evening. It's got this bitter caramel vanilla thing going on. Bitter sort of like coffee ice cream. It's one of our favorite ice creams, but most of our family hadn't had it, and that seemed somewhat criminal.


Oh no! I think the previous comment i left didn't make it on here. Perhaps i typed in the code wrong & didn't notice.

Sorry for the delay Dan!

My name is Marina and im 23 from Melbourne Australia. I am currently a university student studying to be a social worker. Boy it's been a hard & long road! I currently still live with my family (though i wish not!) and take pleasure in reading cooking blogs. I found this blog most likely by typing something into google & glad i did. One thing about me is i enjoy still being a kid. I still find it therapeutic to colour in colouring books and play fighting in jumping castles.

My mum is Filipino & my dad is Italian so i grew up with tremendous food all around. Im into home cooked food and not really into the hoity toity kinda stuff. I particularly enjoy rustic food & most things slow cooked, i just love how meat gets all gelatinous after some good stewing. I remember my dad & i loving slow cooked cow's tongue in a delicate chunky tomato, onion & garlic sauce mmmm. I also love the Asian combination of salty, sweet, sour and hot (i love chilli!!). If you haven't tried 'Kare Kare' (don't skimp on the peanut butter!) or 'Leche Flan' you must! I have also learned and made habit of putting fish sauce in many dishes even if breaking the rules. The secret to a great chicken soup is fish me on that, it bumps up this distinct lovely flavor that doesn't taste like fish at all ;)

I absolutely love this blog because it's realistic and unpretentious. Mandi and Dan's humor comes through in their photos and i love that. I also think Mandi and Dan have similar taste in food with me and i really enjoy the experimentation's. I feel bad for people with dial up but i really like the step by step photo's as it makes the dish more personal to the reader. I must say however, the first thing that kept me to continue to come back a 2nd time to this blog was the title and cartoon work, it just represented my humor : )

My favorite TV chef is Geoff Jansz who is Sri Lankan born but resides in Australia, he is just awesome but not really much around anymore : ( He made real authentic curries on TV and not those 10 minute one's which i don't quite like.

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but it's still fun to kind of envy you guys through blog reading ; )

Well that's it from me...i think i have taken up a lot of space already!

Oh and i do sometimes take photos of food and post them on my flickr page, so check them out if you like:

Overall i would say this is my favorite food blog to read (i mean it!)

See you around homie's!


p.s Still waiting for the beard tutorial!!!

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