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Fall Salad


After we made the Thanksgiving Ravioli, we had some leftover turkey cranberry filling. I did not want this to go to waste, so Mandi decided putting it into a salad. We cooked it the same night we made the ravs and put it into the fridge fully cooked. Then we just microwaved it the next night to put it on the salad warm. This was a really nice fall salad that was a bit different from a lot of salads we make.

Pomegranates. So festive! In season and delicious.

You can whack it with a spoon, or just quarter it and pick out the seeds. The quartering method is probably easier, and less of a mess, but I saw someone doing this on Iron Chef and wanted to give it a try.

Some seeds being expelled from the pom. Mandi is a master photographer.

Mandi had some of these in a martini and loved it. Vodka, vermouth, about 10 pom seeds, and ice into a shaker. Shake like crazy to get the juice out of the seeds. Pour into a martini glass and sprinkle about 15 more seeds in.

A quick grill of the bread and onions with some olive oil and salt.

I made a dressing that wasn't quite a vinaigrette. A vinaigrette should be about 3 oil to 1 vinegar, but this was the opposite. Mandi and I really love the strong balsamic vinegar flavor and don't like to dilute it with too much oil. There was also a half teaspoon of Dijon in there and some salt and pepper. I tossed the lettuce with the dressing and bread. Mandi did not like this step because she thought it made the bread slightly soggy. I however liked the balsamic flavor being concentrated into the bread.

To recap - lettuce, grilled bread, grilled onions, pomegranate seeds, toasted walnuts, shaved manchego cheese. Dressing of 3 parts balsamic vinegar, 1 part evoo, half tablespoon Dijon, salt and pepper. And leftover turkey cranberry ravioli filling. If you don't have this, you can leave it out or just cook up some ground turkey.


risin' up with those nice plates...

nice pics, too.

i'm hungry and bored.

yeah the new plates are pretty sick... thanks steph you rule! allie if you get dan an apron for christmas just make sure its something with lots ribbons and ruffles!

That photo with the pomegranate pips falling out is simply extraordinary......Great looking salad too!

Love your blog!! It always makes me hungry! BTW, I get my seeds out by emerging the halfs in a bowl of water. Scoop them all out and drain. Works every time! Lynn

If you hold the Pomegranates bu putting yout hand unde it you will not make a mess around the ball and you will gave some sweet juice to taste from your fingers :)

I remember as a kid we used to throw whole pomegranates at each other because we had so many on the tree. I guess they weren't such a food icon back then as yet and i kinda enjoyed getting red stains everywhere. If you haven't seen the movie 'The Kite Runner' it has a great scene of this : )

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