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Sweet Potato Chips


We were both home on a rainy day scrounging around the kitchen for something to eat. Mandi found some turkey and decided to make turkey melts. "If only we had some chips" she kept saying. "Why don't you go out and get some chips" she finally said to me. Wasn't the point of all this to not go out in the rain? To not gear up in the whole pants and jacket wetsuit and drive the scooter in the pouring rain to the nearest store? I looked around and found a leftover sweet potato from our sushi experiments and decided to whip up some chips.  Sweet potato chips are all the rage these days popping up in stores everywhere. I don't like them that much, but these were another story. It took no time and was really delicious!

A Mandoline would make this even easier, but Mandi is just as good.

Just some easy turkey melts. Mandi cooks the turkey in the pan first to give it some crispy bits and help it melt the chese.

Fry the chips at about 350 for a minute or 2 moving them around.

A little salt is all they need to be awesome.

In unrelated news...

Happy Birthday Steph!!!!!!


Mmmm. Are sweet potato chips healthier then potato chips? Probably not, but I'm curious. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Can we celebrate when you guys are here in 2 weeks!? ;-)

not only CAN we celebrate when we are home... we MUST celebrate!!! i insist upon it! i love birthdays! happy birthday steph!!! cant wait to play with you guys :) hope you enjoy your festivities tonight...

i loved these chips btw. yum! make them!!!

Sushi followed by sweet potatoes?? Can I move in with you? I went through a phase where I was slicing up sweet potatoes and making baked fries out of them nearly every night. I sincerely thank you for possibly starting me back on that kick again.

P.S. I really did enter a comment in the followup to the sushi, but I messed it up somehow. The gist of it was that we're traditional with the sushi but recently tried halibut and grouper. Grouper was a good change, but the halibut was amazing and light.

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Hi guys. I'm such a devoted reader that I still tune in on vaca in nyc from my crackberry. I'm with you dan on not typically liking sweet potato chips/fries but I found that adding a bit of garlic and parm with the salt makes them super delicious too.

I made these once and they turned out soggy. So i decided to experiment. I cut some slices really thin, spread them on a plate with paper towel on them and placed them uncovered in the fridge overnight. This got rid of the moisture to ensure some crispiness. And yep it worked : )

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