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Pizza Week Plus - The Morning After


Whew. Pizza week was fun. And now it's over. But as always, I have a few leftovers. What do you eat on the morning after a pizza party? The morning after a pizza party, I am always craving pizza! Why? Well because I didn't get enough last night. I was too busy being a host, firing an oven, mixing drinks, and keeping things under control to be able to actually stop and enjoy the pizza. The next morning I get to casually cook a breakfast pizza or two and eat them all. I am not going back out and throwing logs into the fire; I cook these in my oven. I have a few bricks leftover from the pizza oven building that fit nicely on my normal oven's top rack. These work as a pizza stone (if not better). I preheat my oven to 550 and wait about an hour for the bricks to be ready.

Be sure to check out the rest of pizza week for the dough and sauce recipes and the other pizza cooking methods!

Pizza Week Menu:

Day 1: Dough and Sauce
Day 2: Toppings
Day 3: Grill-Oven
Day 4: Brick Oven
Day 5: Party Pics

PWPlus: Breakfast Pizza
PWPlus: Leftover Pizza Ravioli

All the leftovers ready to go. Plus a couple eggs to make these pizzas more breakfast-friendly! You might notice we only have half a peel here... they both broke during the course of the party. It's easily fixed with some gorilla glue but why bother with that now. I'm too hungry and it's too early to care!

We started with a focaccia to have with dinner that night.

The pizza on the stones.

Pretty good for the oven! Did I use this picture somewhere last week... hmm.

On to the first breakfast pizza. Sausage, peppers, onions, and scrambled eggs. Of course tomato sauce.

These eggs barely set up. I cooked them with salt and pepper in a nonstick until they were very runny because they would finish cooking on the pizza.


Until this day, I never really had a breakfast pizza I truly loved.

For the next pizza, we wanted to try fully cooking the eggs on the pizza.

We shouldn't have rolled this pizza flat with the rolling pin, the eggs would have had more of a bed to lay in instead of spilling a bit.

This small error did not stop this pizza from being awesome.


What do you do different for the foccacia dough?

I have pizza envy from your site.

The only difference here was that we just hand shaped the foccacia dough and didn't stretch it as thin as with the pizzas. for the other 2 pizzas we used a rolling pin. its a tough choice, cause it is much much easier to roll the dough with a pin, and still tastes great and doesn't get thin areas or trouble spots, but you get more bubbles in your dough if you hand stretch it. i am thinking I might try using a rolling pin until it is a half inch thick, then stretching it out the rest of the way with my hands.

I'm a huge fan of fried eggs on everything...salads, burgers, pizza. It was in Barcelona where I was first treated to this fried egg overload. Eggs are the new bacon haha.

I wish they made a computer where you could reach in and pull out stuff from pictures. That breakfast pizza looks crazy delicious, and I don't even like breakfast pizza!

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