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"The Gang has a Failure with Avocado Ice Cream"


I find that when I have a failure, there are multiple things that fail at one time. Today we have 3 in this one little dessert. I had really wanted to make ice cream since we hadn't in a few months. Mandi has wanted to make avocado ice cream since the day we got the ice cream maker and saw Alton make it. I figured the Peruvian party would be the perfect time because we weren't cooking or prepping much for the night. I guess I figured wrong.If you are fairly new to the site, click the failure tab on the left to see some funny past errors in the kitchen.

3:00 PM

On a Saturday

I was pumped about this recipe because a lot of ice creams I have made in the past have been custard based. This method is much easier and more true to the original ice cream which is just that, ice... cream.

Everything is ready for a whirrrrrrr.

Hmmm everything looks good so far. Really good in fact.

It tastes pretty good too!

10:30 PM

On a Saturday Night

This is me in the bedroom making ice cream. The mixer is loud. Not too loud, but it does mess with the music and atmosphere so I usually set it up in the other room if I have to do some mixing when people are around and music is playing.

As you can see, this is not setting up at all. Failure number 1! Where is the wildcard when you need him?

11:00 AM

On a Sunday Morning.

I tried again the next morning. The mixture is supposed to be 40 degrees when you start mixing it, but it says it should set up really fast, like 5 minutes compared to 25 for normal ice cream. My ice cream base was at 42 when I started it the night before, this morning I waited until it was 32 and starting to form ice crystals in the freezer. Of course it is setting up because it was practically setting up in the freezer.

Bleck. This is giving me bad memories. Failure 2 was the gross brownness. I put plenty of lemon juice in here, but it was already kinda brown when I tried to mix it the first time only 6 or so hours later. And it was in the freezer the whole time! This didn't brown only on the edges like guac either, it got brown all throughout.

The third failure, sadly, was the taste. It tasted the same as it had when I put some on my finger when I first made it, but a dot on your finger is much different then a huge spoonful. My sweet avocado, I will never mess with you like this again. You were even nice to me when I made drinks out of you, but I guess I took it one step too far and you turned on me.

The recipe is here. (sweet new layout FN, it was about time!) The same recipe is all over the internet with slight variations. Please don't make it. I've seen variations with coconut milk, and even a custard base but I can't imagine them being good. Can anyone tell me I am wrong? Have you tasted delicious avocado ice cream?

P.S. I normally like to be subtle with my pop culture references, but today the jokes in here are from the TV show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." If you didn't get it, you should check it out on FX tonight. They just started their 4th season last week in a great way


Since this failure, I have been obsessed with avocados in everything, especially something sweet. I will not give up on thee, my sweet little fruit (the avocado - not you, Dan). I am even drinking an avocado smoothie right now! Planning to make avocado icing for my zucchini bread cupcakes as anniversary treats for the office on Monday (beware heh heh).

that's rather sad. i was planning to try that recipe soon, after i got settled in my new house. i'm thinking maybe because you churned it right away, you aerated it and it was just thick enough to hold those bubbles that caused the browning. hmmmm not sure if i will try it now....

i saw on good eats that if you put the mixture in the freezer for a few hrs before you put it in the ice cream maker it turns into a creamy concencity.

For something that's a failure, it actually looks quite nice! If you threw in some chocolate, then the brown would be expected :)

I have made this 100 times.
Forget the ice cream maker. Just freeze the stuff.
You can freeze it in a loaf pan and cut slices to serve.

3 ripe avocados
Juice of 2 limes
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup whipping cream
Semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
Mint sprigs

Beat cream until stiff peaks form and set aside.
Blend together avocado, lime juice, sugar and vanilla until smooth. Fold into cream. Fold in chocolate. Taste and adjust flavors if necessary. Freeze. Serve topped with a sprig of mint.

I totally got your references...I got it with the post title! Right on! Sorry about your fail!

You should use Condensed milk. I make avocado smoothies with just avocados, condensed milk, milk, and ice. It tastes delicious and if i freeze, its just like ice cream. You should use heavy cream for ice cream instead of regular milk like when making smoothies.

it might have failed because you didnt chill the base for long enough. Most bases require overnight chilling. Or maybe the bowl itself was not cold enough, it really needs to chill for 24 hours. And it helps to cover the top of the ice cream maker (I use dish towels) because it keeps the cold in, which enables the mixture to freeze more quickly.

I was gonna say exactly what Eliza pointed out. The base definately needs a solid 24 hours in the freezer. I use the ice cream maker that i can add ice to.

There is a little ice cream shop in San Marcos, Tx that makes the best Coconut Avocado Ice Cream.

You're fantastic, even the great must fall. This is what you should do; since you are a chef that so heavily relies on your awesome inspirations to create new and unique dishes, you need to go to your nearest China/Asia town, roll into a boba place (saa--weet asian tapioca bubble tea) and order yourself an avocado shake. You'll totally nail it after a belly full of avocado sweetness!

Hey im peruvian! an we love avocados here!! never tried the avocado ice cream :( the secret ir to put the heart( brown thing in the middel) y a glass full of water!! it wont turn dark and stay green

The problem that happened here is the ice cream method you used works against you. The mixer is suspending tiny air bubbles in the mixture- that's why it was brown throughout, as opposed to on top with guacamole. The citrus juice will protect it a little, but you need to exclude the oxygen in the first place to keep it green. If you ever try this again, get a cylinder of nitrogen (welding supply shop is best place for it) and cover your mixer with a garbage bag, tightly sealed, except for a little hole to let the nitrogen out (and a tube from the cylinder running in). You don't need a lot of flow, just enough to exclude the air. Make sure to use a regulator (the welding shop may rent or loan you one) and keep the room ventilated. Also doing this may allow you to cut down on the lemon juice a bit which may help with the taste/consistency as well.

Anyhow, I love your blog and I shamelessly steal your recipes for parties and such. They are always a hit.

I made this yesterday. I used coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk. I think with heavy cream and regular milk you have to boil for them to settle.

i'm thinking maybe because you churned it right away, you aerated it and it was just thick enough to hold those bubbles that caused the browning.

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