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Hot Sauce


I have a quick post today after a longer one yesterday. What do you do with a tree full of cayennes that you know will go bad before you are able to use them all?? Make hot sauce! Another thing we did with some cayennes was cut them in half and put into a bottle of vodka seeds and all! A week later the vodka was spicy spicy. I don't have any pictures of that though.

The plant is bursting with cayennes.

Little oil all around. There is some garlic on here if you didn't notice.

about 15/20 minutes at 400

To the blender. Seeds and all.

Squeeze the goodness out of these and into the blender as well.

we threw a mango in! Why not?


Add some salt and vinegar to the mix and turn on the blender. I used just enough vinegar to make it a smooth consistency. The vinegar also helps preserve the sauce.

This lasts in a squeeze bottle in the fridge for at least 6 weeks! You could use it for buffalo wings instead of franks red hot. Or just put it in your eggs or on a cheeseburger. Caution, it's HOT!


Hi Dan, I've been reading your website for a while now; it's GREAT! I do have a concern though. Is there the same problem with botulism and garlic if it's in vinegar and not oil? Most of the stuff I've found online only mentions not making garlic oil. Don't want you guys getting sick, otherwise I'd have to find food porn somewhere else. :)

hi veggiegirl, honestly, I looked around and didn't really see anything either. there is not oil in here at all, and vinegar is usually a preserver. (preservator? haha) anyways, I had seen garlic in a bunch of recipes online before I made this and they all said it would last 6 weeks to 2 months. I'm no expert, but I am still alive and I actually made this over a month ago and have been using it. I have since thrown it away... thanks for the warning though! it is definitely something to be concerned about.

Had you bothered to do a 5 second google search you would have found out that botulism is not an issue with vinegar. The botulism toxin cannot grow in such an acidic environment.

There was no need to throw it away. It would probably last for at least a year, if that excites you.

It did look downright tempting, though. Sad that it's gone.

doctor doctor, no need to wrinkle your scrubs. there was only abut a tablespoon left anyways, doubt it would have lasted a year. I thought the month and a week was enough use. I did look around online for a bit, but not being a health professional, I couldn't really decide was was right and what wasn't and didn't want to give wrong information to people.

The visuals of hot sauce is making my mouth water right now!! Mandi can attest my hot sauce obsession. I'll keep this recipe in mind if I have too many peppers left over. How did the added mango taste?

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