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Taco Tree


Mandi and I try to be healthy most weekdays. This often includes a salad for dinner and a mile or 2 jog. Sometimes when one of us is having a rough day, or needs something to make them happy, they casually mention delicious food in a hypothetical conversation about that night. Most of the time, this food is tacos. A few hours ago Mandi planted a taco seed in my head. Most days when I am feeling strong, I can stomp on this seed, ignore it or leave it unfertilized to die in my brain. Today, this seed is stubborn and has grown into a full on taco tree.


i could happily live under this tree... so um does this mean yes for tacos??? hehe

this picture you made reminds me of a website me and my friend jenn from boston used to love:

i love muffins. and tacos. yum. maybe the trees could grow side by side and i could be happy forever living in their shade, eating their sweet fruits. just dont eat the green muffins.

i want a taco tree!!!!!!!!!

um mand, are you serious? that was my favorite website freshman year of college!! so random :) dan, you better make her tacos tonight!

Mand, that website is messed up! I just spent a half hour getting sucked in. I love it. Haha.

But Thursday is taco night!! If you keep having tacos on random nights you will soon forget what day it is (remember last week?) Chaos!!

I think I'm gonna have tacos tonight... aww yea.

haha. i love muffinfilms!! and the tree said nothing..for it was a tree...

That b Sweeet. And your mom is 1 of the aids in my school!!!

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