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Sgroppino and Bruschetta


Last Friday, Mandi, Amy, and I decided to forgo the usual Bermuda Friday night activities to stay in and cook and watch the opening ceremonies. The meal we were set on was going to take at least 3 hours, so we knew we would need plenty of drinks and an appetizer while we were waiting for the meal. Amy found some cool drinks we could try, and our tomatoes were bursting off the vine, so we decided on a simple bruschetta.

Not messing around.

We were comparing 3 variations on an Italian cocktail called sgroppino, which uses sorbet.

Giada's variation first.

Champagne, vodka, sorbet, mint.

Ingrid was next. Hers is the same ingredients, but blended with a splash of cream.

This was the best of the 3 in my opinion.

Cutting some tomatoes for the bruschetta.

We like to make bruschetta cheesy so it stays on the bread. It isn't as traditional, but it is functional and tasty.

Brush or spray some olive oil on one side of the bread and broil.

This was fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, mozz, salt, and pepper.

Then flip the bread and add the bruschetta mix. Broil again.

More basil after cooking.


Just enough sorbet for the last drink.

Also from Ingrid, This is the same but with mandarin oranges. Amy got peaches instead cause she liked the sound of it.

The 3 drinks are here, here, and here. Tune in tomorrow to see what we made for dinner that night!


That brusKETta was foodtastic! It lasted about 1 minute before it was in our bellies. And I thought it looked like too much for 3 people at first. Peshaw!!!

Im going to try it with the cheese :-) The one thing i dislike about eating bruschetta is that it falls everywhere!

oh bruschetta! how i love thee. seriously though, we have an actual relationship, and i never cheat! i love things melty and thats where this one is perfect. but holy cow its amazing how something so simple can be so good. my current favorite and dietary staple this month is bruschetta alla caprese. you toast the bread, rub a whole garlic clove on top, like rachel, then some fresh mozzarella, whole basil leave, then a slice of tomato. hit the tomato with some salt and pepper and drizzle with evoo. holy crap. amazing.

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