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Interactive Apartment


When I see discussions of my website over the internet, I have noticed that one topic that often comes up is the smallness of my kitchen and the fact that I chop on my coffee table. It is true that I have an extremely small kitchen so I decided to make an interactive tour. People can use this as a guide if they have a small kitchen. I feel like we use the space well. Things do look a bit cluttered, but this is as clean as it gets really since we do not have much cabinet space. I am happy to be finally putting this post up, because I am moving to a new apartment tonight!  This is a good way to say goodbye to the old place.  DIRECTIONS: to navigate, click arrow buttons and objects on screen, if an object has green dots when the mouse is over it, you can click to inspect further. Move your mouse over things to read a description. Click and explore!! PS.  if you see white spots, wait a bit, it hasn't fully loaded.


Whaaaa! I can't believe we never snuck over to the slide. Maybe we can do this before you are officially out this weekend? I have a bucket for water so the first person doesn't chafe their booty. ;-)

I will never complain about the size of my kitchen. I bow to your ability to bend over backwards (and sideways).

Where is it that you live? The view is absolutely magnificent! That would be my dream locale!

What a cool idea! Love this.

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