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Dim Sum??


No! Well, maybe? But not traditional by any means. We took 2 dim sum methods and made one with Italian ingredients, and one with taco leftovers! The idea came when Mandi saw these awesome things on tastespotting last week. She begged me to make them and I said I would if we also made another kind too. We decided to do them with some wontons. We have been trying to save money lately with the move and upcoming flights for weddings and holidays, so we started thinking about fillings. I realized we had some leftover Italian sausages from the moving day pasta, and leftover taco meat cause, well, frankly we always have leftover taco meat in our fridge cause we always have made tacos a day or two ago. Anyways we thought the Italian flavors would suit the wonton well because a wonton and tortellini are pretty much the same thing, and the taco meat would go well with the doughy roll up one.

Fresh tomatoes make food taste better.

The dough recipe calls for hot water.

Wide angle shot of the new kitchen.

This is tomatoes and red peppers, can you tell what's what?

Wonton filling minus the sausage.

take the ground sausage meat out of the casing.

This is tomatoes, onions, parsley, red peppers, garlic, sausage, and parmesan.

Cilantro, garlic, and green onions for the taco one.

Add some cheese, then roll it up.

In my experience, one of the main differences in Italian ravioli and Asian wontons, is that the meat in Italian ones is usually pre cooked. I have seen giada make ravioli with raw ground turkey but that is the only time I can think of.

A bit of tomato sauce left over.

These were excellent. Mandi said one of the best things we have ever made!

This is how a gangsta eats wontons.

Now back to the other one.

These had a very liquidy salsa for dipping.

Look at that oozy cheese!


Dice and mix tomatoes, onions, parsley, red peppers, garlic, sausage, and parmesan. And salt and pepper.
Buy wonton wrappers. Fill with mixture, steam for 10 minutes.


Follow this recipe, but use taco meat, scallions, cilantro, and jack cheese.


sweet. a full sized oven and stove! is your stove actually the temp that it says? are you guys going to cook anything giant...just cause you can?

and that meal looks awesome.

Timpano timpano!! Please?! That oven even has THREE racks.

Very creative indeed!

yum yum both of these look sooo yummy I want to eat them now. the whole frying taco roll slices is brilliant!!

Game on; looks awesome. way to use the leftovers

dim sum actually refers to having many light, small portioned foods together, usually before mid-afternoon.

You only had two items. Dim Sum would have a variety of choices to combine, such as; (but certainly not at all limited to) Gao (dumpling) and Bau and cheong fun (noodle rolls) and Congee (rice porridge) and Sou and cakes and that's just the savory items, because there would also be sweets like (and again not at all limited to)

Dou fu fa and Egg tarts and sponge cake etc etc.

but you could say that these could be part of Dim Sum. As it is it's simply just not enough variety to be anything more than a snack


I'm going to Tweet this. It looks like a lot of fun, and great for holiday parties.

intercido_erro is a HATERRRR!

Anyways, I tried this today and it was absolutely delishhh!
Thank you so much!

Very nice. The food looks really good, never thought I would learn how to make a tortellini.

Very well put together.

Damnit, is that you're husband? I was hoping I could MARRY YOU! Those look delicious!

Ah jeez, I am SO HUNGRY now! Just found your site, Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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