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Design Team Birthdays


Today I am pleased to present a guest post. This past weekend was 2 members of the TFIMB family's birthdays, the design team! since I was all the way across the ocean, I was unable to celebrate so I had to give posting duties to someone who could. This post is all about Kim, but Rich, happy birthday to you as well. The rest of this post will be written by my good friend Steph, but i may leave a comment in italics. Happy birthday guys! leave some love for them in the comments.

For those of you that may not know...I love fact I love any reason to celebrate at all. Kim's Birthday this Saturday was perfect timing to get my baking skills back up to par. I'm a huge fan of cupcakes instead of cakes for birthday desserts for two reasons. One being that you have the opportunity to have various designs and colors without looking over done. Second, in my personal opinion I feel that people are more likely to grab a cupcake then to grab a piece of cake that has to be on a plate and ate with a fork. Cupcakes are low maintenance and fun to eat. That being said....I have been hearing lots about Amy Sedaris' cupcakes, and wanted to give them a shot. If you don't know who she is, I'd suggest watching some Strangers with Candy. I decided to stick with the vanilla cupcake recipe and add a special touch of stuffing them with some chocolate frosting.

Cream together the butter and sugar.

Add flour in 3 batches, mixing in the milk in between.

Beat at low until smooth and satiny.

I love mini cupcakes! I feel more people eat them because they look so cute and low calorie. Ha!

I've been anxious to try out the food coloring gels. We just got them in at Kittredge and I figured I'd give them a shot. Gels are so much better then the liquid dies because they have much stronger colors without adding a million drops. A little goes a long way as you can see with these next few pictures.

Bake em till' they're golden brown and your tooth pic comes out clean!

MMM lookin good already...

you made different color batter too??

Confectioners Sugar, Vanilla & Half & Half

Whisk until smooth and fluffy.

This was my favorite part of the cupcake.

More food coloring gel!!

Nice! Messy kitchen shots... your on you're way to being a food blogger.

Whos that sketchy dude in the back?

I must say that Cait's frosting skills are quite impressive.

While Cait was frosting I was rolling out some colored fondant for some stars.

We failed taking pictures of the actual skull making but it was quite tedious. For decorating frosting, add more confectioners sugar to the mix to thicken up the consistency.

If this needs to be explained...Kim *loves* skulls!!

We tried to mimic her signature skull drawing. Did we succeed Kimma?

The finished present


Our cupcake shot to celebrate! Happy Birthday Kim!

Check the recipe here.


AWW thanks everyone! You guys did a GREAT job. The skulls looked exactly like my tat! I'm eating one now actually. =)

yay happy birthday kim and richie!!! you guys are the awesomest! sorry we couldnt be there with you to celebrate... but we'll just have to make up for it in october when we're home for the wedding! steph and cait the cupcakes came out phenomenal! i wish i could have one... im sitting here with a rather large case of food envy! hahaha did you get your hair cut cait? it looks real cute!

yay cupcakes! yay birthdays!!!

Yay! Happy Birthday all! These cupcakes were so much fun to make! Thanks again Cait for the help!

October will be great, we can make up for you guys not being here for my birthday either! :-) Can't wait! It's coming quicker then we think!

Also, if you've never heard of Amy Sedaris and want some more cool recipes and fun stuff, check out her book "I Like You". It's awesome.

Yeah Birthdays!!!
Those cupcakes came out awesome, Steph.

I can't wait to party with you all when you come back in the fall... Late Birthday/Early Halloween Party in the works???

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