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Tomato Bites


As the tomatoes turn red on the plant with each passing day, I wonder what ways I can purely taste the tomato flavor. Aside from just popping a tomato in my mouth, how can I get the utmost taste of the fruits of my labor? Salsa is a pretty obvious choice, but at the moment I could probably make enough salsa for only 3 chips or half a taco. I came up with this idea randomly and made them after work today.

The plant is going crazy now.

These guys look great.

Tomatoes, some basil, goat cheese, and salt on a plate.

Cut the basil into small squares just larger then the tomatoes.

Cut the tomato into 3 segments. Cut some off the bottom if it needs help standing up. Put 2 of the edges flat into the salt.

A little glue. Or goat cheese.

Put the basil on and add more glue.

THAT looks good.

If I got this as an app at a nice place, I would be very happy.

So simple, so delicious.



those are so flippin cute!

Laura beat me to it...these are the cutest tomatoes I've ever seen.

They look like chubby soldiers hehehe

holy crud, these look amazing! what a great idea,. i'm so making them,

they are like tiny little tasty men!

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