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Refreshing Summer Drink


This drink was inspired by a drink Mandi got at KO prime.  From the menu:

Grapes of Wrath
Grey Goose Poire Vodka, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, muddled cucumber & pineapple.

She continually said that this was the best part of her meal.  She wasn't the biggest fan of her bone marrow app (I was), and she has had better pork belly.  We didn't look up the actual drink last night when we attempted to re create it, but what we made was delicious and very similar.  On a side note, I hate muddling and did not muddle this drink.  I think you can get all the flavor from the fruits and mint without bruising and smashing them into a big mess.  This is a great article on mixing drinks and it totally captures my opinions on cocktails.  Be sure to watch the video too!

I like to make simple syrup very sugary so there is not unnecessary water in the drink. This was 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water. Heat and stir until the sugar melts. Add some more sugar if you think the water can absorb more, then cool it before using. This simple syrup appears to be cooking on some sort of dream world floating stove.

Harvesting some fresh mint for the drinks.

I got a little carried away. The white words are the ones related to the drink.

Who needs "one part of this, two parts of this." Just dump it and eyeball. This is a complicated drink so it is easier to make a pitcher so you aren't forced to make them all night for people. Notice I did not put soda water in here. I like to put that in to each person's glass as you pour it.

Couple ice cubes in each glass, then pour in the mixture half way and fill with soda water.

This was very refreshing for a summer night!

To review:
Cucumber chunks
Pineapple chunks
Simple Syrup
Triple Sec
Soda Water

Tip - Since you aren't muddling, to get the best flavor from the mint, slap it in your palms a few times


I came across this page on StumbleUpon, and I gotta say, Wow! this looks amazing!

(I also love the labeling, cuke haha!)

I'm gonna give this a whirl.

I made this drink and it blew my balls off. Thanks alot, dick.

Totally gonna have to make this soon, especially since the weather is starting to become hellish here in California. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Just got done making these and they're delicious, and yes, refreshing! Very good 4th of July beverage.

wait what?
You said you liked to make your simple syrup really sugary to avoid extra water.
Simple syrup is at LEAST twice as much sugar as water
not equal amounts

Shelly, you're incorrect madame. simple syrup -- or at least every single batch i've ever made (and apparently every single recipe that is on the 'net) is equal parts water to sugar. you need that to create the super-infused sugar water. You can make a rich simple syrup that uses 2 parts sugar to 1 part water.

Cant wait to try this out!

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