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Pool Party


This past weekend we had a fun BBQ at a pool. Amy is housesitting, and had a few people over to take advantage of the sweet pool area at the house. It has a cool bar and refrigerator and an outside bathroom so you don't mess up the house! Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures of the prep that went on at the house. We were having too much fun, I forgot to take them! But there are links/explanations of all the recipes we used.

Firing up the grill early in the morning for the steak arugula salad.

Flank steak is perfect for this salad.

I saved some of the juice that came off the steak to put into the vinaigrette.

Roasting peppers for the salad. They didn't have red, but orange is very similar.

Diced avocado for Mandi's salad.

With some corn, red onion, and lime juice.

Black beans and mango added.

The roasted peppers, peeled, cut, and salted.

Mandi and I working.

Tomatoes in the party

Some Portuguese cheese.

Something was missing from my salad. I put a little more salt and pepper, some cayenne, and chives. I decided to squeeze a lemon in when we got there. When we eventually ate this, it was delicious. I think the lemon and the fact that it was able to sit together for a few hours, helped it all mesh together and be awesome. We ate this a few hours before the other food, so it isn't seen in the other pics.

Mandi and Amy kind of made up this recipe. I think it is just some spicy rice stuffed into charred cubanelles, topped with cheese and baked.

I stuffed this chicken with flavored pork, and Monterey jack. Recipe below.

People getting really hungry.

Francine, you have never commented on here. What is in this salad?

Step off my grill dog.

Later on, I grabbed a late night snack.

Rich was sore for the next 2 days from doing 100 flips.

For desert, Amy made Mandi her 2nd birthday cake of the year.

The recipe is here and it was amazing.

Spiderman plate

Pasta salad was inspired by this but I added roasted red peppers, and some steak juice in the vinaigrette.

S'Mores cake

Stuffed peppers.
This rice mixed with some cheese. Broil or char on the grill some cubanelle peppers. Make a slit in the peppers and remove insides. Fill with rice, top with cheese and bake.

Guacamole salad was:

Red onion
Lime juice
Black beans
Portuguese semi soft cheese

Dice and mix all ingredients.

The chicken was inspired by a dish called chicken Guadalajara I used to get at border café in Cambridge, MA. It is stuffed with chorizo and smothered in cheese. I couldn't find chorizo, so I bought ground pork and mixed in cumin, cayenne, chili powder, and cilantro. After letting it sit for an hour, I cooked it in a frying pan. Then I pounded out some chicken breasts, salted them, and put some cheddar, jack, and the fake chorizo in the center. I rolled them up and stuck skewers through to keep them sealed. I grilled them on high het until cooked through.


The ice cream pie sure looks sloppier than I remember in the pictures, but it was such a delicious treat (if I do say so myself...and I will). For those that might think the recipe looks daunting, it's really not. I made it drunk, so basically a monkey could do it. The crust is the only difficult part (you need a really big food processor to do it all at once). I actually reduced the amount of almonds and increased the amount of butter to get the consistency and "smoosh effect" that I wanted.

The whole meal was perfect. Nothing better than good eats and good company while sitting in your swimsuit next to a pool. The summers in Bermuda are why we will never leave. ;-)

You just gave me an idea on what to cook for dinner. Going to make some stuffed chicken now :-)

This was a great bbq!


Mixed greens
Mandarin organges
Almonds browned in sugar
Dressing is salt pepper sugar and vinegar
Usually tarragon is put in the dressing, but Amy doesn't like it

Haha...called me out! Tarragon is gross.

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