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Happy Birthday Mandi!


At Mandi's office, it is the tradition to bring in breakfast for everyone on your birthday. This seems backwards to me and that someone else should bring YOU breakfast, but that's another story. Unsatisfied with the standard donuts and pastries that most people bring in, Mandi needs eggs to have a proper breakfast. So in addition to the massive amounts of planning for the crazy weekend we are about to have, shopping at multiple stores to get all the right ingredients, making cheesesteak filling and buffalo chicken for her pizza / birthday party tonight, me making her a cake, standing on the south east coast trying to literally blow the hurricane off course, and cleaning the apartment for the arrival of the design team(they are somewhere over the Atlantic at this moment), Mandi has to make quiche! Today, (just a few hours ago) Mandi woke at the crack of dawn to begin cooking. It isn't an inconvenience for her, because she loves birthdays and wants to be awake for every hour of hers. This is based on a Paula Deen recipe you can get here.

Mandi always asks me to take pioneerwoman-esce pictures of all the ingredients before cooking for the beginning of the post. I don't do this for many reasons, including but not limited to the fact that I don't want to jack PW's style (even though she is awesome), the effort to get everything out then putting it away again, and the issue of them taking up our entire table most of the time. Today, since it's her birthday, (also cause she took the pictures) here are the cast of characters! Some stuff is nicely bagged up and diced/grated for our pizza party tonight. Butter, eggs, sausage, monteray jack, cheddar, provolone, peppers, onions, fried onions, frozen spinach, frozen grated hash browns. And 2 TV remotes. And a foot.

Thawed Hash browns.

Gotta squeeze out all that moisture.

Some frozen sausages. We would have normally bought fresh but didn't have time with all those things listed earlier.

Squish the browns into the bottom of the pans

Squeeze the moisture out of the spinach as well.

This is one reason I don't take the 'vanity shots' of the ingredients. I always forget some! Mandi - you are using the good salt on these people!?! Haha I guess its your birthday.

Eggs with the salt, pepper, and cayenne.

Blind bake (is that what it's called?) the crusts to crisp them up.

Sausage peppers and onions. Aren't we making this exact quiche as a pizza tonight? Haha

Spinach and fried onions. mmmmmm

lookin good!

francene t work enjoying breakfast. Mandi, your thumb is in the picture!

amy also enjoying

let me take a guess about how this picture came about. Kyle enters the room about to scoop some quiche with a "its 9am, don't bother me" look in his eyes. Mandi says "kyle! Its my birthday!! Smile for the picture!!" Kyle turns and gives her a look as he continues to get the food. Mandi "KYLEE!! Its my BIRTHDAY!" then kyle made this ridiculous fake smile and she snapped it real quick.

Wow this all happened like 15 minutes ago! How's THAT for live blogging? Who needs twitter? Again, the recipe is here. Happy Birthday Mand!!!!! Everyone wish her a good one in the comments. You non-commenters, or "lurkers" if you will, you know who you are! Don't make me call you out!


yayyyy birthday! have i mentioned i love birthdays??? and there are still more birthday posts to come! we will be having awesome birthday celebrations all weekend with the design team and will be posting them all next week!!!

the first quiche was sausage, peppers, onions, and a mix of jack and cheddar cheese. probably just about a handful of each. the second was spinach, fried onions and provolone. also, some real soft butter got mashed in with the thawed hash browns before they went into the oven to make the crust nice and yummy.

Nom nom nom nom nom....that's what I was saying in my picture. Happy Birthday Mandi! Shame no pictures of the birthday girl herself. But we were too busy eating...

Hi - I get your entries in my NewsGator reader - looks like I'm the only one (so far). All that grub sure looks good - nom nom nom nom indeed.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y M a n d i

Best wishes, Lynn
in (sort-of summerish) UK

Mandiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Happy happy happy birthday! Your quiche looks AMAZING! YAYYYY birthdays!!!! I wish I was there to celebrate! I can't wait to see you again!! I hope it is reallly soon! Have a great birthday weekend!
(I love exclamation marks! haha)

Love, Lorraine :)

Happy Birthday Mandi! Im buying my tickets this week so I can come see you!!!

happy birthday mandi

Happy Birthday!

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