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Taco Burgers!


Mandi always claims she hates burgers.  I think one of the reasons is that when I make them, they always end up huge and have no direction.  I put in whatever is in the fridge and they end up tasting more like meatloaf than cheeseburgers.  Now that grilling season has begun, I am trying to make more focused burgers and turn around Mandi's opinion. My first attempt was a taco burger.  An obvious choice due to her love of tacos!

If I was enjoying these burgers in the comfort of my own apartment, I would just put some thick avocado slices on top, but today I needed a more portable option.  I blended 3 avocados with a spoon of sour cream and 1 lime of juice.

It was a pain to get it into the squeeze bottle because it was really thick so I handed the job off.

I am sorry I do not have exact measurements for the spices, but it doesn't have to be exact.   This is 1 pound of beef.

It was windy that day so we had to build the fire behind a rock.

When we finally got the coals going, they were really hot because of the constant wind.

That's the kind of char I like on a burger, you can see it and taste it, but it doesn't overpower and is still tender on the inside.

Top it with cheddar cheese, the avocado condiment, and a nice big piece of lettuce.  A thick tomato slice would have really finished them off nice but we didn't have any.

I think she is scared of the taco burger.  Don't be scared!

More avocado!

In the beef:

Chile powder

In the Avocado topping

3 avocados
Juice of 1 lime
Spoon of sour cream


haha way to call me out dan SHEESH! but yeah this ruled. i mean obviously... how could you hate on anything that tastes like tacos and is smothered in avocado goodness?!? congratulations, you've won one... but i’m still skeptical about your ability to change my mind concerning burgers in the long run!

Perhaps you can try an Aussie burger, it's kind of like our national 'cheeseburger'. People seem to cringe at it at first...but once tasted it's pretty good. Depends on how one makes it though, some people just go wayyyy overboard with toppings.
This pretty much looks right:

You should put the advocado in a ziplock bag and then snip off the corner when you're ready to server. Much easier then a squeze bottle.

I was inspired by this to make a taco pizza last night. it was awesome.

Val - squeeze bottles are way cooler, come on now!

Marina - Are you kidding me with that burger? beetroot-pineapple-fried egg? ha!

al i love taco pizza! haha i guess i love taco ANYTHING!

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