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Chili Cheese Corn Dog Fries!?!?


My sister has made the most heart attack inducing, cholesterol raising, trans-fatty incredible meal that she wanted to share with the world the only way she knew how, with a guest post on TFIMB!  She will take over for the rest of the post and I may have some comments in red. (P.S. the recipe links seem to be diverting to the main Phantom page because they are advertizing a beach bbq.  if you go to the bottem right of the page you can get to the main phantom page, then click restaurant recipes and it is the first one there.)

Since the 1st Celtics playoff game vs. the Atlanta Hawks, there has been a feeding frenzy at my house.  One of our regular group, who has been there for every game, could easily take on Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest. Since the beginning of the playoffs, he's been talking about the chili and cheese corn dog fries that he saw on Phantom Gourmet.  My promise was that they would happen when we made it to the finals.  Well, here we are, game 2: the C's vs. Lakers.  


this is one of the easiest 3 layer dips, and it tastes really good too!

In honor of TFIMB I chose to do the prep on the coffee table (that and there was probably something good on TV)

I guess she had to make something to throw to the crowd to keep them at bay.

I learn every thing I know about broiling cheese from my brother

The original recipe didn't include chili or cheese but i mean come on, honestly?  This is the ground beef onions, and garlic.   The onions were softened before I added the ground beef.

I'm really excited.

Yikes!  Good thing your hair is in the way.  This is a family website!  Kinda..

I'm sure my brother will tell you that making chili from scratch makes all the difference, but the biggest concern tonight are the corn dog fries.   Plus Bush's Chili Magic is really good.

Making chili from scratch makes ALL the difference here. trust


Back to the coffee table.  Hot dogs were cut in to fourths the long way.

And then in half 

The dry ingredients

The best part about this was the 3 grown men crying from the onion in the other room.  I need about 3 grated onions for the batter.

The wet batter was cream corn, 1 jalapeno, the grated onions, and butter milk.  This is after I added the dry mix to it.

I decided to throw some onion rings in the mix.  I'm sure you're thinking "if this has been going on since the beginning of the finals then they must have gained 10 pounds."  You would be wrong, it's more like 15.

The batter should get nice and dark.  I cut the dogs in half so there not quite long enough to curl up like it says in the recipe.

the onions. 

Holy amazing.

Their mouths are too full to smile. 

Go C's take it in 6 in Boston, so I can reclaim my living room. 

It may be that the games start so late, but my guess is it's the 7 hot dogs he had at a bbq just before he came over to eat a huge plate of chili and cheese corn dogs that put him on the floor.



Looks yummy... Add a little bacon and you have a very adkins-friendly meal ;)

Haha, I just read this after visiting the site for the jello shot recipes. Very funny as well as delicioso! Also, nice anti-lakers pic!

I wanna puke.

I want to eat that whole plate. Then puke.

Cannot find the recipe for chili cheese corn dog fries! MUST make them. Help.

nice shirt the lady is wearing what that say to the lakers

Can you please give me a printable recipe for the chili cheese corn dog fries?

Loved the pictures, but I need to have an actual recipe to work from (at least the first time I try a recipe). It sure looks like everything my family would love, so I would love to get this recipe if you could send it to me.

thanks . . . .


Would be nice if there was a recipe. Click on Recipe and it is not available.

Where is the chili crn dog fries recipe? I keep going in circles trying to find it.
Mary ann waxler

This recipe sounds great. I'd love to make this and would if you'd print a recipe that us readers can follow. It appears I'm not alone having this problem.
Please help!

Did we find the recipe yet? Or did someone get it??

Anyone get the recipe for Chili Cheese Corn Dog Fries?

shame on you for wearing a shirt with vulgar writing. I have no respect for that sort of thing so will not be trying the recipe.

Would love to make the Chili Cheese Corn Dog Fries, but when I go to the recipe section, it sends me back here.

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