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Black Bean Avocado Bowl


I wasn't sure what to call this really...  Quinoa salad?  Mexicany rice bowlish thing?  I settled on Black bean avocado bowl.  It came about when Mandi and I were brainstorming about quick easy healthy weeknight meals we could completely make AND eat in a half hour and run after.  This would actually be great as an alternative to pasta salad at a BBQ and would also travel really well, but we just had it as a quick and healthy weeknight dinner.

Fresh squeezed lime juice, a dot of honey, salt, and cumin.  Wisk in some olive oil to make an emulsion.

Cook the quinoa to box instructions, and add some butter and salt and pepper.

Add rinsed black beans to lime vinaigrette.

Left to right - scallions, tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado.

As much as I like skittles, I would much rather taste THIS rainbow.

Everybody in

Cotija cheese.  We had just added some corn as well.

In with the quinoa.  Let it cool if you can, but we didn't have the patience.

Adjust salt and pepper because a lot of these ingredients are somewhat bland on their own and need salt to really pop.  This salad bowl thingy is better if it sits for a bit to blend all together, but we ate it immediately.

1 can black beans
2 Avocados - diced
1 cup uncooked quinoa
Frozen corn
4 tomatoes - diced
1 bell pepper - diced
5 scallions - chopped
Cotija Cheese

Cook quinoa to instructions + butter salt and pepper

In large bowl wisk:

Juice of 2 limes
Tbsp cumin
Dab of honey

Add everything else


Looks really good :) I reckon some olives or sun dried tomatoes would be other great additions to this. I've never had quinoa before , might give it a squiz.

Not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed with what your name for this post was and the final result. Maybe it's because I didn't see the definition in the bowl at first, but I think it was because I was expecting this amazing combo to be stuffed inside a pepper or bowl shaped food for some reason.

All around though this dish looks amazing, I love the combination of black bean and corn. Mmmm.

of course i love this recipe (and not just cause i make something just like it)! just the idea of being able to put pretty much anything you like together with some lime juice for mexican and lemon for italian really opens up the creative juices. when i have time i grill the corn first to get a really nice depth of flavor and heck char marks. i love char marks. i also like it hot hot HOT! so i mince some jap into it. i love cheese but this is a rare occasion where i leave it out, i just think it adds to the fresh factor. you might want to try it. and of course another great thing about the versitility is what grain to add. you can really do anything. in my mind it is obviously good hot in cooked rice or a great way cold in pasta salad and what better pasta? a rice shaped one! this is great over orzo which is my favorite!

Just made this and added cilantro - yumski!

Good luck with your move. One thing that I have loved about this site is that I know you must be getting most/all of the ingredients in Bermuda, and that always gave me hope that there was a chance of finding them myself. So, off you go to your high-end, choices-aplenty grocery and specialty stores! Will still be checking this site so keep the poor people in Bermuda in mind when selecting ingredients!!! haha.

Made this last night. It was delicious. Added jalapeno to the salad and garlic to the dressing.

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