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Wonton Soup

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Ever since Heidi made dumplings a week or so ago, Mandi has been asking me every day "when can we make dumplings?" Well when she came home with a new bamboo steamer, I knew it was time. The other reason I knew we should make them, is that they actually had Pork Shoulder at the store. In Bermuda, this is a rare find for me. (side note- because of this, there will be 3 pork shoulder recipes in a row, HA!)

Here is the shoulder, the butcher would not grind it for us so I had a lot of work to do.

We used 2 recipes from Morimoto's cookbook for this dish. One for Gyoza which he actually pan fries, and one for the soup mixture. We had to very loosely follow them though because we knew we were steaming the dumplings and also because we couldn't get all the ingredients for the soup. This is Napa Cabbage for the filling.


Salt the cabbage and chives and let it sit and wilt for a half hour or so to wilt.

Rinse and squeeze out the water.

Mix with the raw pork.

I have never cut scallions like this.

Nice homemade chicken broth.

This mix is from the cookbook. It is called "ramen base" I will put the recipe below.

Mandi made them more like Tortellini's, and I made them more like wontons. We made them different because I put wasabi paste in mine and we wanted to know the difference.

The new steamer is ready.

We put them down on corn husks. Cabbage leaves work too. Or parchment.

Put some of the ramen base in the bowl. Pour the chicken broth over.

These took about 12 minutes because of the raw pork. Had it been ground by the butcher, I think it would take less time.

This was easy and fairly quick (except for assembling the wontons) and super delicious!

Wonton wrappers
Ground pork shoulder
Salt and pepper

Salt cabbage liberally and let it sit for a half hour. Rinse and squeeze.
Mix in ground pork to desired ratio.
If you are unsure about the seasonings, cook a spoonful in a pan and taste.
Fill wonton wrappers with mixture
Steam for about 12 minutes in bamboo steamer on a corn husk or cabbage leave or parchment paper.
Put in soup

Boil 3 cups chicken broth

In a bowl mix:
soy sauce (Morimoto wants white, we used regular)
White pepper
Sliced scallions
Grated garlic (2 cloves)
Grated ginger (1 inch)

Take a small amount of this and place in serving bowl. Pour in hot chicken stock.

1 Comment

Could you steam the dumplings without the bamboo steamer, using a metal veggie steamer (or something similar) lined with parchment/cornhusk?

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